Is there a way to view forum threads as pages instead of endless scroll?

I've been trying to go through the Share Your Desktop thread but it has 1.0k (!) posts, involving endless scrolling. Is there a way to view it as multiple pages? (I looked in my forum account's Preferences and I didn't find anything like that there.)

You could go to the top of the thread, and where there is a button that says 'Summarize this Topic', click that. That shortens the thread by hiding some of the posts.

But viewing as pages though? I'm not sure about that.

There's no "Summarize" option for me, weird.
On the plus side, I now notice that the forum software remembers my place in a long thread and at the side has a shortcut "Back" to go the last unread post. That makes going through a super-long thread in multiple sittings much easier (although I'd still prefer it broken up into pages).

It should be this button:

Unless you can't see this button.

I see it now, thanks. (I was looking above the first post.)
The thing is, I don't want to skip any posts. I just want to manage how I view the thread (e.g. have only a reasonable number of posts loaded in the browser at any one time, be able to go to the next page and get away from a Youtube video that won't stop replaying etc.)
With endless scroll (especially a thread with lots of images like that one), more and more RAM gets used up, and some videos I played up thread keep replaying over and over, no matter what I do to stop them. (That's probably a Chrome issue, but viewing a thread as pages would at least reduce the problem.)

Some other comments:

On the topic of Thread Necromancy:
There is nothing wrong with necromancing a good thread, nor with keeping one alive. It often is more beneficial to necromance an existing thread than to create a new one.
"The Internet" has a long standing bias against it, however... Which was born from issues that had nothing to do with how the Forum might function or readability.
However, the current Discourse forum model seems to enforce that attitude, by creating a problem to support the ire with necromancy.

The discourse developers came to the decision to implement continuous scrolling instead of pagination. Due to that, there is no browser extension or way to modify the site without editing the framework's code. Unfortunately, you will not be able to modify how the site loads the page.

You can limit the number of extensions that are loaded, the number of tabs, but the amount of ram used is utilized to load pages quickly. With all of the styling, javascript, images and videos you run into on the web (even on this site) it occupies ram in order to load faster, improve the browsing experience. Not all machines can handle the web as they used to be able to. Increase your pagefile size and reduce the time for it to kick in, this will help, but not completely remove the simple fact that your machine may need a ram upgrade.

Change the browser you are using. Chrome is a known to be a memory hog. A few tabs and several extensions and you'll be utilizing over 3GBs of ram. Sounds like there is a memory leak in Chrome (nothing you can do about that). Try firefox, opera, safari or brave. All will similarly still use a lot of ram, but another may not cause continuous playback (something you may be able to change in settings....turn off video autoplay).

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