Share your desktop, what does it look like?

New Wallpaper and Theme ..... when Storm gets done with his emerald green icons I will try them in this setting ...... can't wait to try ..... already tried the Ruby Red and it works in Cinnamon but I have nothing to go with it yet except a red pointer .... but I'm find something .....

Windows Boards ----- Cinnamox-Willow-Grove
Icons ----------------- ZorinGreen-Light
Controls -------------- Cinnamox-Willow_Grove
Mouse Pointer -------- Oxygen 13 Green Emerald
Desktop -------------- Cinnamox-Willow-Grove

I have a handful of jungle wallpapers but I kinda like this one of I believe Thailand temple that the jungle is reclaiming .....


The green icon theme will be available on Sunday. Maybe a sooner on github (high likely).

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Take your time not trying to rush you as it takes a lot of work to develop those Icons .... I'm sure glad you and Aravisian opened up a whole new world for me ..... putting together Themes ..... something I never could have done in Win .... and it is fun even though I have to use the work of other people .... glad you guys like to share ....


no problem. My work pays for Findus' deluxe food and imported litterbox sand :slight_smile:


Remember to requests icons - cuz' noone else does, regrettably.


I used to go to a lot of work custom theming everything, but its quicker and easier to just install Star Labs theme and be done with it. It installs by one quick PPA, and I just choose it with Tweaks. And it alone brings an improvement to vanilla Zorin OS.

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...Or reports bugs.:neutral_face:

I am on Launchpad only, now. So mine pay exactly $00.00

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wtf is this monitor, how much big it is?

can you buy this PC for me as well?? :slight_smile:

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This is the wallpaper pack I made for Zorin OS :slight_smile:


Wow... You have made very great and very beautiful wallpapers. I loved that.

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Inspired by @Am.Shekari wallpapers, I made some simple icons to fit a minimalism desktop.


I already did... and err, I might just go for another little tiny request. It's actually for the Brave browser logo. I saw the other day another icon theme (which unfortunately I lost track of) where only the face of the lion was visible, and taking the full width/height of the logo.


So like in this example here, the black part which is the face would become the whole icon, discarding the hair around it.

Just a thought as I can see how this might go a bit against the overall style for the rest of the icons.

Thanks, cheers!

That wallpaper is excellent :+1: I think that's what Gateway wanted to achieve, but became a bloated Holstein cow instead, who's weight alone, crushed the company.

Most people don't even know who they are anymore, cause they became irrelevant like, 20-years ago. :joy:

Anyways, it's nice to see you making icons with wallpapers. You do good work as always. Hey, do they call it Brave browser cause you got to be free to use it? :rofl:

If you can find the icon theme or picture of it, it would be great.

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I discovered beauty within my desktop, after I upgraded it with icons and wallpaper, courtesy of our very own Storm! :blush:


I have been at it for a while now with very little success :frowning_face: But I'll post it here when I do find the icon set

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wow. nice and thanks

Nothing fancy. I am a Carolina fan. But do notice the icon on my taskbar.


Here's mine :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your pretty colors with us, I like it :blush:

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