Is there any Device Manager for ZORIN?

Hi, I am a Windows user and I am new to ZORIN OS. I was wondering whether there is any Device Manager in ZORIN OS. I can not locate one, and I was trying to install I-NEX but it did not work.

If I-NEX is good to go for ZORIN, can some one provide instruction for installation, please?
Please help.


I will first point out that i-nex appears to be a system information provider, not exactly a Device Manager.
GnuLinux typically does not have a Device Manager application because one is not needed on GnuLinux.

I use cpu-x rather than i-nex and it may fit your needs just as well. I do not recommend i-nex because the maintainer has dropped the project.
The latest package for it was built for Ubuntu 14.04 which was in 2014.

To install cpu-x, in terminal run

sudo apt install cpu-x

Or, launch the Software store and search cpu-x and click to install.

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Thank you for getting back to me. I had an issue with the NVIDIA graphic card on my Acer TC-280, and I was looking to solve the issue. I did follow an instruction on the forum, but it cost me the whole ZORIN. I could not log in again. I spend hours, but I did not get the desktop back. It was very frustrating.

I had to go back and do a clean Windows 10 installation again. Although Zorin was very stable and fast, but issues like constantly logging off Wi-Fi and screen flickers interrupted my work.
Thank you

This is where understanding the X - Y problem becomes very important.

Instead of asking about Screen Flicker, you asked about a Device Manager. The most conducive way to solving problems is to ask about the actual problem that you are trying to solve and to describe the symptoms you are having.

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