Is there any lightweight browser for ZorinOs

Hello there,
I’m Searching for a lightweight browser (my toaster pc got’s only 4 gb of RAM) i’ve tried some but i can’t log in my google account, have someone a lightweight browser wich can install chrome extensions and i can do the google account log in??
THX :wink:

I run Lite on two machines with 4GB of RAM and I’ve never had any trouble with Firefox or Chrome. Most other browsers out there are based on either of those, so if these don’t work for you, none of the others would. You can also try Pale Moon, which is a fork of the older Firefox.

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Another fork of FF is Waterfox. And Swarf recommended Midori a while back and some other… Let me see if I can find the thread…
Found it:

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This is unfortunately not something you cannot do much about. Today’s web pages all use modern technologies and those are only supported on the major browser engines, which eat up memory. If you have the option of adding more RAM, by all means, please do.

You can probably get somewhere if you try adjusting the swap size so your system has more virtual memory, however you’ll be better off doing this on an SSD instead of an HDD.

If you want to save memory elsewhere, consider a distro with LXQt instead of Xfce or something tiny, or explore the offerings of a tiling window manager like i3 or bspwn or Awesome.

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Midori was the first one I thought of, but it seems the original lightweight one has been swapped out for a more modern Chromium-based one now.

i just heard about the new edge and i saw that with 3 open tabs chrome and firefox eats 178 mb and edge only 68 so i’m gonna install edge using the edge insider program

Edge is just repackaged Chromium.

idk i’m just gonna install it and chromium i want try both of them and see wich one uses less ram

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Did you find Edge any better?

Have you ever tried Iridium and Brave browsers?

I actually use Vivaldi on my C720 with 4GB of RAM and Zorin Lite, and it runs really smoothly.

sorry if i'm late and yes i found that edge is great on zorin idk why but is more smoother than any other browsers and it eats only 4% of ram and now it takes only 5% of cpu so yes that's great, i compared chromium and edge and saw that chromium eats quite the same of chrome

yep i tried brave but every time i try to watch a yt video ther's an error and i never heard iridium

yeah i think that's beacoause u use zorin lite that isn't base on gnome so it eats less ram btw i don't like vivaldi's ui

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