Is there any need for firewall

I mean am I safe without firewall? as I removed iptables and I think firewall also got removed so I need it or not?

Generally, you're safe if you're in your home network but in a Public network, it would be great to have a firewall on (places like Starbucks/ internet cafes and such).

Overall you're safe don't worry about the firewall (personally I haven't had a need for one I only connect to secure networks)


and that ping: sendmsg: Operation not permittedoccurs because of firewall or something else?

That would be caused by a block of outgoing connection requests


How to allow them?

There are certain applications in Linux that clearly need improvement or development. UFW is not one of them. The Uncomplicated Firewall is, in my opinion a masterpiece of programming.

Do you need it... That is a tough question. I recommend having it and using it. Trusting that something is secure just because it is Linux is a fallacy.


Additionally, if you are connected to the internet through the use of a router, which most people are, then you are already behind a NAT firewall in the router. Network Addressed Translation.

I agree with Derek, if you were connecting to public WIFI like coffee shops, those are open networks, which means NOT safe. So, you would want to be behind a software firewall of some kind in that situation.


Tell me how to install and configure as I removed ufw by mistake

ok I am at home and I have my own personal wifi so am I safe?

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The reason it is Uncomplicated Firewall is because it really does not need configuration.
Installation is:

sudo apt install ufw gufw

Gufw is the graphical interface manager for you to apply any custom configuration.
Once installed, you need only turn it on.
For your SSH, you will want to allow port 22. So just use terminal command (As @FrenchPress supplied in your other thread) or the Gufw to apply it.
That's all there is to it.

As far as this threads solution goes- Why not settle on your Final Thoughts in this thread that covers your final decision as Your Solution?


Did you have to enter a password in order to connect to your WIFI cause you got WPA2 secured, then yes, the answer is, you are safe on your network.


To remove:

sudo apt remove --purge ufw gufw

Thank You I removed that bloatware.

Hey Data, what you think of the girl carrying too much bloat?

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