Isn't it time Zorin OS Developers prioritized vast documentation and Bug Reporting?

Hello Zorin OS Developers Team

Nice to review them!

It's been a while since I've written here and I'm grateful for the receptivity I've had about the suggestions made about this Distro that can be seen here in the link below:

Although Distrowatch does not express the trustworthy reality of the Linux world about the most used distros, I believe in the Zorin OS potential and, in my view, and also due to the developer team, you should be at least among the 5 most used distributions, because , talent and whimsy you have to spare, where the finishing is impeccable on the desktop and own packages of high technical quality, but not all are flowers and there is still a way to go.

I leave here, some more suggestions that I consider extremely important in my understanding that may, perhaps, help you to take a leap and reach new users to use this Distro Zorin OS, coming from the Windows World and users of other Linux distributions.

In this case, these situations would be listed below:

1º Create a vast documentation about the Distro Zorin OS, like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and so on. You still don't have one that is VAST, as other distributions do, you just develop and distribute it, you can't find a log with changes, improvements, etc. It is necessary to have a Wiki or a completely specific page for this purpose.

2nd A filtered Bug Report, on a specific page outside the forum, just for viewing by technicians and developers working on corrections and necessary development.

3rd Work hard and make every effort to include news and updates of the latest apps that are fixed and changed by the developers of any app for the Linux world almost constantly. Many users don't use Ubuntu and Debian because they keep old and outdated applications for a long time.

Note: All text was written in Brazilian Portuguese and translated by Google Translate to English. Therefore, I apologize in advance for any language error.

Basically that would be it for the moment!

Talent you have to spare!

I wish the entire Zorin OS Forum and Developers team much SUCCESS!

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Documentation is a Frequently Asked Question on the forums addressed toward @azorin and @zorink.