Issues installing Private Internet Access VPN, .run file

I tried to install Private Internet Access VPN, linux version & it downloaded a ".run" file. I clicked on it & i think it treated it as script, then it started to load & i saw all this code.

And it started a loading bar, but it was super slow & even after like 30 minutes it wasnt even half done loading. (loading the script maybe? i have no idea) how can i install PIA VPN with Zorin? -Thanks! :slight_smile: Here is a screenshot of the loading bar after i clicked on the .run file.

I canceled the loading bar/window because it was taking ridiculous amount of time & i needed to shutdown for other reasons.

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I misunderstood that acronym for a moment...

The .run file should work - And it isn't. I would actually first ask this from Private Internet Access VPN and you can use Ubuntu 20.04 (Upon which Zorin OS is based) as your OS.

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@Aravisian , I'll try it again, maybe i should just give it more time.
I am just not familiar with ".run" files in particular, so i didnt know what to think of it, or if clicking on it or letting it run would be a good idea.

These are often also used on WIndows- but this is also not often directly observed by the user. So you are quite correct in your wording: It is unfamiliar. Which means it is well within your capability; just looks new, is all.

With a .run, it can happen that it must download additional necessary files from a repository, which the .run file contains a line to issue that command.
If there is a timeout on that repository (Net connection, packet loss, 404 error, etc) It can hang the whole thing.
This may be what happened when you ran .run (which was an odd sentence to type...)

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@Aravisian , Thanks for the help!

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