Issues with the software store: hangs


I am having issues with the software store. When I perform a search, or that I click on a category, I get a blank screen. I can wait sometimes 5 to 10 minutes, nothing is happening.

I have Zorin OS pro 16.3

How do I deal with this?


I Storm, I am a Linux newbie. I've examined that post but it is a bit complicated for me. For example, you mention 1) and 2), chose one

Then so forth. For a Linux newbie, the guidance is not clear.
Do I select only 1 out of 3?

Etc. Can you please provide a bit more clarity?

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I typically use Synaptic to install and uninstall software, and the command line to do updates.

sudo apt search synaptic
synaptic/focal,now 0.84.6ubuntu5 amd64 [installed]
Graphical package manager

sudo apt install synaptic

If you're just looking to do updates:

  1. Go to Zorin menu > Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts

  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click the   +   button.

  3. Enter:
    Name: Update All
    Command: gnome-terminal -- /bin/sh -c 'echo Updating; sleep 5; sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade; sudo apt dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo fwupdmgr refresh --force; sudo fwupdmgr update; sudo flatpak repair; sudo flatpak update; sudo snap refresh; sudo apt autoremove; sudo apt autoclean; sudo apt purge; sudo apt update --fix-missing; sudo apt install --fix-broken; sleep 30'
    Shortcut: Click Set Shortcut..., then press Super + U.

Now, when you press Super+U, it'll check for updates for everything.

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True that guide isn't specific enough.

The first command refresh the software center. The second command terminate the software center. The third command reinstalls software center. Actually you could do all 3, as it won't harm your system.


Interesting, maybe I assumed it was so clear that it didn't need further steps or information. Since I can't edit it or turn it into a Wiki anymore if you think that I should delete it and reformulate I'll do it.

By the way, the overall solution is right-clicking the taskbar > System Monitor > Processes > right-click gnome-software > terminate it and see if it works, kill it if terminate failed.

Maybe only show one options to solve the problem. People get confused when they have to make decisions :wink: If you give them choices they don't know what to do.


Then I'll review it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. Aravisian suggested those options and then pointed out that users can choose one of them, not necessarily all of them. Do you think that I should just remove all the terminal commands and let the common resolution that I proposed? That is right-clicking the taskbar > System Monitor > Processes > right-clicking gnome-software > Terminate and opening it again, Kill if Terminate doesn't fix. @Aravisian, what do you think about it? My other idea is letting the post for who uses it for applying the commands on the terminal (who don't mind about making decisions :grin:) and creating a post with only my own procedure, just for shortening issues resolutions times. But this way I'd create just a shorter post in which I say a thing that I already said on the current one and without Aravisian's commands :neutral_face:.

I have the ability to edit the post in question - will review it when I have a moment.

EDIT: Here is the current Edited Post:


I read it, now it's more clear and smoother to me, thanks :slightly_smiling_face::+1:.

That Tutorial does get a lot of use, so it was good to make those changes to clarify and improve it. Definitely a thread to bookmark. :+1:

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Thank uou guys for reviewing the tutorial. I will be putting it to good use. This community is amazing.

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