Its November! No Zorin OS LITE! Jeff’s Still Not Happy!

Jeff and I really want our Zorin OS LITE, but there still is no LITE! :frowning_face:



I doubt it will be out this year. or maybe in December.

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There are currently Four open threads discussing Zorin OS 16 Lite and its possible release date. Or is it five?

"are we there, yet?"
"We will get there when we get there."
"are we there, now?"
"Don't make me pull over..."

I am certain that ZorinGroup is sufficiently informed of readiness for Zorin OS 16 Lite. But making new threads is not likely to hasten development.


Yeah, your probably right sadly

Its mainly for entertainment related purposes, to give us a place to communicate about it, and laugh a bit.


You mean to make "lite" of the issue? :slight_smile:


But what if they forgot....??? lol
I get what you're saying. Too many threads on same topic. We understand, and apologize. However, if Lite was out our focus would be elsewhere. Like on here trying to help Lite users.

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It is also becoming somewhat of a distraction from helping other users with problems, so please go easy posting on this subject. Thankyou.



When you think about the volume of users that we try to help each day, it can get quite frustrating at times to solve problems. It helps to have an outlet where we can chat and laugh about things, and let off steam.

I know some people are only about their work and that works for them. However, for me, if there is all work and no play, that be a dull life in the support fray lol.

By the time Lite comes out a new LTS will be here and it will be pointless to use because I will want the new version with the new LTS

Zorin OS 16 Lite contains elements of Ubuntu 21.04 as well as XFCE 4.16.


Thats good to know, I didn't even know that actually! Cause I thought all app downloading was stuck with Focal REPO's, to get elements of 21.04, thats some Hirsute deliciouness hehe.

Guys, you don't know even wanna know what they are calling the next one. OK, I will tell you anyways cause I am silly. They are gonna call the next one, Jammy Jelifish. Thats right, were gonna spread a little Jammy Jelifish on our bread for lunch. lol!


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As a Lite user, I'll just sit back and wait. Enjoy whatever is here. As long as the Lite that will come is stable and really lite (Yeah cause there is lite that isn't lite. hahahahahaha) then I'm fine waiting even till next year. :wink:


Rui07 bite your tongue. Or in this case would it be fingers? Voice to text, typing, I just don't know what you do. Either I just hope it's not nearly that long. But we'll get it, be grateful, and life will go on and I'll smile


What I do? It's in my profile. "frustrated researcher/programmer, aspiring manga/digital artist". Hahaha. Its just kinda stressful thinking of when will be a release of an OS when it isn't part of your control. It's not an easy life to me that's why for me I'll just wait and see. Don't care when.


This is so true aint it? Its really difficult to be patient for something that you really want. I understand this very well, as it was 9-years before I bought a new computer. For those who only use a computer just for social networking, checking emails, and watching Youtube, they won't understand it.

For that said use case, you could actually get a computer to last you 15-years as long as the hardware holds up and doesn't croak on you. Some people on our site are trying to keep their 20-year old computer running on Zorin OS, now thats a challenge! lol

But for my use case, when you add production and gaming to the mix, then its easy to understand how frustrated I was with my 9 year old computer's inability to do anything that I needed it to do in modern day. Lets just say, there was a lot of depression involved lol.

I do not take my new computer for granted, I feel very lucky that I was able to get it, and I shall cherish it, and take care of it, and hope to get 10-years out of it. I keep it on a Afmat notebook cooling pad with blower fans, at all times! When gaming, I turn those fans up to MAX power!

You'd be amazed the airflow that comes out of them fans when just on low power though. When I took my computer off of the cooler so that I could take it apart and install my new NVME drive, I felt the wind force coming out of those fans on low and I was like, dam, I didn't know they were that good! lol

So, ya, trying to keep my computer from overheating, I got a -50MV offset on the CPU to also control thermals. I keep my computer clean too. When I took it apart, I was amazed how clean it was still inside after all these months of running since April. But I blew out it out with my wall powered air blower anyways.

Oh that reminds me to tell you, my Afmat cooler pad, also has filtered intakes, so thats probably why the inside of the notebook was so clean, cause the blower fans are pushing clean air, so it helps lol.

We try to be patient waiting for LITE, for it is the thing, that will truly LIGHT up our life, with that sweet sweet LITE. :purple_heart:

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I enjoy a challenge :wink:
Better than adding to tech scapyard.

Zorin OS 16 / 17 August 2021; 2 months ago (2021-08-17)

87 days... For those keeping track... If it gets to 90, I'm gonna cry....


I suspect you are going to cry.


Then Jeff and I shall cry together. It will go something like this...


Probably next year. In the meantime, Ubuntu will be dead.

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