Its October! No Zorin OS LITE! Jeff's Not Happy!


Jeff, please edit your post ASAP! You did not realize that you put a download link to Zorin OS PRO 16 in your post. Better to take a screenshot and post that instead.

Thanks for the heads up about this StarTreker. I've edited the link out of Jeff's post.

My apologies. Very, very sorry. I didn't know it did that.. I feel like a fool now.
Well, I feel like a fool often, but more so in this case. Thanks for addressing StarTreker, and to AZorin for fixing.

We know you didn't do it intentionally Jeff. You are an awesome guy, and you have provided me a lot of entertainment and smiles with your posts as of late. And now that I've experienced them, I can't imagine being without your stellar posts. :star2: :blush: :star2:


Just with all the talk lately on piracy, then I inadvertently put a link on here...
Bad, bad mistake. But it won't happen again.. I just hope no one else knew and got a copy. Uuuugh.

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Thats how I did it, by just taking a screenshot and posting it, you can see how I did it on my post. This is good future reference for other's who may wish to do the same. We all understand how excited we get to try Zorin OS 16, and we can love it so much, we just wanna tell the whole world about it.

HEHE :hugs: If it makes you feel any better, I am guessing no pirate got access to it. You know I will spank em good if they did though. Bad pirate, bad pirate lol.


Perhaps the lite version will be released for xmas. That would be my guess. Like a xmas present :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jeff deserves a huge box, one that reaches all the way to the sealing. And when he goes to open it, he discovers a tiny USB drive within a giant box, that says, ZORIN OS 16 LITE.

It be like that moment when in A Christmas Story, Ralphy's father receives a giant crate that says Fragile on it, which he of course goes on to misspronounce it, make folks like FrenchPress have a heart rythim over it, and then reveal a lamp of his dreams some might say.

But for Jeff, it will be the OS of his dreams. Jeff, will race through the house, moving his legs faster then he ever thought possible. He will even look down at his legs in missbelief that he is able to move so quickly.

He smashes that USB drive into the USB port, then he sits down in the chair so fast, the chair just reduced in height by 6-inches. Where's that bloody lever? Once he gets his chair raised back up, he hits that power button on his computer.

The SPLASH logo shows for his BIOS, and he says, I don't care about any of that, come on! Shift shift shift, boot loader, GRUB lets go. Grub then shows up, clicks on install Zorin OS.

Proceeds to take forever to load Zorin OS 16 off of USB. Jeff is like, oh come on, you are doing this to me on purpose, speed up, move your goose USB drive. And then his choice finally show up before him, try Zorin OS on the left, install Zorin OS on the right.

He never clicked on install Zorin OS so fast before. So which option will you choose Jeff? Erase disk and install Zorin OS? Or are you gonna dual boot CORE and LITE and install along side? Jeprody music begins.

Jeprody? This is Christmas, where's we wish you a merry christmas Jeff? Why I auda! Jeff gets Zorin OS LITE installed, reboots, and gets into his beloved LITE for the very first time.

Jeff jumps up out of his chair saying YES! And doing do, bumps into his desk, knocking over things in the process. Jeff notices what he did and Jeff says, I didn't need that anyways, it can stay on the floor, for I have the LITE!!!

And Jeff's day ends with pure happiness. :heartpulse: :zorin: :heartpulse:


But that is standard packaging from Amazon, so would be no surprise.


I'm thinking I'm gonna stick with Pro on my main pc, and put Lite on my laptop.
I'm already thinking on putting Mint XFCE on my backup pc. Feren is at the lagging stage. First 2 months ran great. Now, everything is lagging. Plus I've been watching some XFCE customization tips on youtube. Hoping some work on Lite.
I say this, but I may put Lite on my It's just THAT good...


Feren is lagging, nooooo, say it aint so! You no likey Feren OS's memory leaks? Sluggish system performance? You don't want your computer slow as a slug and a snail on a sidewalk? You know I have extensive experience with Feren OS, so you know that I know, exactly what you are going through, and I know why. Not surprised you want to rip it off there.

Your might, shall win the fight against Feren alright, with a victory win in sight, with your system powered with LITE!

And anything is good with some chocolate to go with it. Yeah for real, I am eating chocolate right now, mmmm. I began my day with glorious eggroles on the brain, a thought planted there by Michel. And I now finish off my day eating glorious chocolate.

And when LITE is released, you know, its gonna be glorious. HEHE


Swapped out Feren with Mint XFCE. Because like Lite, it just works.

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The comments on distrowatch are all positive and some users say that Feren OS is much better than Zorin OS

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Yeah, and the ones saying that haven't dealt with the memory leaks yet. Just wait till Feren OS slows down to a crawl, till the OS eventually crashes. Zorin OS is where its at, thats the way ahhh haa, ahh haa, I like it! lol

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I optimistically tried it. Read where it was now based not on Linux Mint Cinnamon, but now on Ubuntu & KDE. There are several things I really liked about it and still do. However I got rid of Feren previously due to it getting laggy, and the same goes for Mint Cinnamon. After 2, 3 months this go around with Feren, it was happening again. Maybe down the road will try again. Mint XFCE works, it's quicker, so I'm not complaining. Stuff happens.

I would guess those on distrowatch put those reviews in early on. Or maybe if I had newer gear it wouldn't have been an issue.

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This is what your brain will look like Jeff once you have your LITE...

See how it literally lights up. Its like, all the wonderful nurons firing, and then Jeff will finally be happy, and the school kids will be safe, from verbal abuse. LMAO! :rofl:


One can only hope...

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Pro Lite will be out in 5 days. 5 days? Hahaha.

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sooo...... It is 17th October and Zorin OS 16 Lite is still nowhere in sight.. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Any news?? Release date maybe?

Soon. Very Soon... But that's just a guess. Only thing I can tell you is, don't listen to TDodd....Hahaha... Kidding. He made a logical guess, like so many others, including myself. I look at it this way, we are all United in guessing The Siblinghood of the Lite. That looks a bit awkward, but have it include both.