Just Bought Zorin 15.3 Ultimate but not 16

I just bought Zorin Ultimate today. It said it was 15.3. Why didn’t I get version 16?

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Zorin OS 16 Ultimate is still in the making and has not yet been released. However, I agree with you that in choosing Ultimate this close to the anticipated release of Zorin OS 16 really should go toward Zorin OS 16 Ultimate. This is because you chose to help support development, not necessarily because you specifically wanted / needed Zorin OS 15.3.

Zorin OS 16 Core is anticipated to be Fully Released (Currently, many of us are using Beta) within the next couple of weeks or so.

You can send a PM to @azorin or @zorink right here on this forum, or use the "Contact US" form that came with Zorin OS 15 Ultimate to ask the developers for assistance with your dilemma.

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How do I send a PM? I've looked around but can't figure out how on this forum?

In my post right above yours, you can see an @ sign where I linked Artyom and Kyrill Zorin to this thread. Click on the names azorin or zorink with that @ sign symlink and it should open a popover window with their profile information and a Message button in the upper corner.

Alternatively, you can contact them from the email receipt you received with your copy of Zorin OS Ultimate (It should contain a link).

You can also use this contact form :