KDE Plasma is it stable on Zorin OS

Hi. I wanted to install a more customizable desktop environment and one of them is KDE Plasma, but is it stable on Zorin OS?

I'm still on Gnome, but there are those who have been using KDE for awhile... they'll be around to share their experience soon, most likely. Until then...

Just to clarify the dark window came back! But on Devuan, not having any issues. The only thing to avoid in Plasma is kmail. It crashes frequently due to problems with anakondi. I only ever use Evolution these days for e-mail

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KDE can cause problems in other DEs that are running in parallel, such as XFCE.
I once installed KDE alongside Xfce, and when I logged into Xfce, my entire theme and window were broken.
If you want to use KDE, I recommend that you only use it for the reset.


Multiple desktop environments open a host of possible dependency problems. Duplicate applications lead to a bloated system. Budgie 10.5 with Zorin 16 works well because both are based on the Gnome stack and share the same file manager. This will change in future versions though.

Had the same problem with KDE ..... didn't play nice with Cinnamon but then I also have Xfce and Gnome as my system has plenty of resources available and those 3 work together nicely ..... KDE tried to hog everything ..... but that is just my experience ....

I have added as many as 7 D.E.'s on one poor copy of Zorin OS.
Admittedly, I never ran into any trouble.
Other than being annoyed by some D.E. ways and features at times.

I've been running PLASMA on Zorin Core now for over a year and a half without Any issues. I kept gnome, and even have the gtk elements themed to compliment my qt elements. The only thing I wish I could change without modifying plasma themes is the system settings (qt version) refuses to be themed. Everything, including animated desktop plugin is working great. It uses the SSDM login manager, but otherwise, I switch between gnome and kde (rarely), without issue.

I performed the full install, but you can get away with just the desktop as well. If you don't like it, revert or try another DE.

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I am not having any issues in my VM of Zorin 16.2:

The only issue I had was that I had installed raw therapee in the Zorin Desktop to see if there was any way of getting a context menu as wanted by Intellectual123. After installing kde-full and trying to open my home folder it was launching raw therapee which I thought I had removed as not showing up as being present in synaptic - reinstalled and removed - still showing. Just removed it from the open with options in KDE - now all good.

Well I found out why raw therapee is still present! You guessed it, the infamous flatpak installer!:

and removed it!

What is interesting to note I did not need any admin (root privileges) to remove a flatpak application - yet another reason not to use flatpak. Disturbingly, I noticed a lot of Zorin themes are present as flatpak runtimes! Oh dear!

When I install other DEs on my Zorin OS, I cannot type Japanese. It seems to be a problem with the input method, but I don't know how to solve it.

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