Keep getting "Important" error in log, and also a 2nd "important" one too

Thats my first error above, here's the 2nd one:

Both sometimes can be caused by "ACPI" issues, but i dont know anything further about this.

My computer sometimes glitches & freezes & I have to power if off manually. And I might have poor CPU & RAM performance. And also my Nemo file manager crashes 20% of the time. Here is the only other thread I can find that mentions this error code. However I dont see any solutions in the thread, and am not sure the cause of their problem is the same as mine.

ACPI issues are highly unlikely to cause the kinds of effects that you describe.

Instead, you might check your installed software and ensure none are corrupted and also run

sudo dpkg --configure -a

Check your Drive for errors or instabilities using a S.M.A.R.T. test.

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"check your installed software and ensure none are corrupted"

--I have too many to check, unless there is a way to auto do it. And i just did sudo dpkg --configure -a, we'll see if it helped.

I can definitely do a SMART test for my SSD, which is a new Samsung SSD, so there shouldnt be a problem with it at all. But I will still do it, and for all my USB drives that I always have plugged in also. But which option should I choose, "short, extended or conveyance"?

Yes, there is - which running dpkg to configure all packages would be a method of quick checking.
But I would recommend booting the LiveUSB and running fsck for a thorough filesystem check.
Do not run fsck on a mounted drive!

I always go extended. It can take a long time (Worth starting before going to bed), but it's something that a person wants to be thorough with.

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Here is the results of SMART test, I will do fsck later on via LiveUSB.

@Aravisian , using Zorin LiveUSB right now, ran fsck, what should I choose here? yes or no?

You can say 'yes' to all prompts.
I realize that "trusting the software" can seem counter-intuitive, but fsck is very refined.

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Well that was a bizarre & horrible experience, not sure what i did, this has never happened before. But it was likely either 1.) that a few hours/delayed effect after I safely aborted the fsck via liveUSB, before the 1st "yes" question. All my SSD files became inaccessible as I was running the OS. I had to restart it, but then it wouldnt boot at all, I got the old "BusyBox, initramfs" error/blackscreen.

Or 2.) But this also happened while I was editing a thumbnail of a flac file, and then a few minutes later all thumbnails of all files on my OS & SSD became inaccessible and then my files themselves became inaccessible.

Regardless, I couldnt even open the "Log" app to see wtf was going on. Its like my SSD partially unmounted itself.

So I livebooted again and finished what we started with fsck, and that fixed the problem. Here are the results of the fsck:

Was the drive Mounted?

I'm pretty sure I unmounted it before i did the 1st liveUSB fsck, and am certain i unmounted it the 2nd liveUSB attempt at fsck.

I guess we'll never know what the cause was haha. It was horrifying tho, being locked out of my OS. :cry:

@Aravisian , still getting the error.

The file edit in this post may help resolve this recurring popup:

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@Aravisian , the code that may need to be edited is in relation to GNOME keyring and passwords. Last time i tried to edit my LUKS password, the terminal didnt syncronize the keyring, which is a notorious problem. You have to actually edit the password in two different areas, not just with a single command when its LUKS encrypted. And i got locked out of my LUKS encrypted Zorin OS, and it was a nightmare. So I'm a bit hesitant to mess with keyrings and password system files/code until i back up my OS/drive, Which is a 512 GB SSD.