Keyboard language settings reset after reboot


Before I begin, I'd like to tell you I'm running ZorinOS 16 with persistence through a USB, which could likely be the cause of this.

Every time I have to use another keyboard language, I have to go into settings, remove the default three English variations and add my preferred language as a second option.

After rebooting, all of the keyboard settings reset, and I have to manually set them up again.

Does anyone have any idea whether this sounds like a problem with running the system from a pendrive or whether there's any way I could make the changes stick after restart?

Where are the keyboard settings stored exactly on Linux? Could I create a script that would auto-set the correct settings for me on system startup?

These are the settings I would like to change to for example:

I tried editing the /etc/defaults/keyboard file as well as the locale file, but neither worked for me yet.

Thank you for any attempt to help, and sorry if the question was posted in the wrong section.

Different situation but wondered if the same solution, i.e. editing .profile.

If you are asking for keyboard layout getting back to default,

System language getting back to default

or both :joy:

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I was not aware that USB persistence worked for Ubuntu 20.04/Zorin 16. Although some have said it does work if using Ventoy.
@siko what USB creation software did you use?

This worked for what I needed. ^^^

I deleted the IBus package via Software, set my languages and selected 'No location (UTF-8)' option after reboot and clicked Try Now.

Doing this, all my settings are kept, or at least it seems.

Thank you all!


I believe I explained what I did in this thread: Persistence not working on USB? (Zorin OS 16.1)

I used Ventoy for this and made the persistence file straight from the 'Try Now system'. Then I think I saved the whole file on my SSD, booted to Windows SSD and transferred the persistence file back onto the USB stick.

Again, I don't remember the steps exactly anymore, but I could recreate them, if anyone needed help.

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