Keyboard shortcuts for macPro 2012

I have installed ZorinPro on Mac 2012, but shortcuts are not working, i tried to customize by setting up my own and it doesnt work.
Is this Mac machine not compatable to Zorin?
I wish i tried Zorin for free, before jumping the rope, oh well...

Im looking for simple shortcuts like Copy and Paste, screenshot, and spell check.
If someone can suggest anything to try before i change the distro, i'd appreciate it.
I dont know how to use Terminal, so please be aware of your suggestions, thank you very much


Does this help? Mac shortcut keys Mapping - #2 by Aravisian

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no, already done that, set up my own keys and it doesnt work, thank you, though

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Do you want shortcut keys for doing simple operations like copy, paste, new window, etc..?

thats what i said.

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is it weird to want that?
Is there somebody dont use those any more or something? Just strange that you re-asked, i thought there is something wrong with compatibility between software and hardware, Linux and Mac machine.
Im 55 years old woman, not techy, but i dont like to be spied on even though i have nothing to hide, so i thought i'd switch to Linux, but seems like its not for normal person to use, isnt it?

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Okay below are the list of shortcuts :point_down:

Super Enter the Activities Overview.
Alt + Tab Cycle between running applications.
Alt + Shift + Tab Cycle between running applications in the opposite direction.
Alt + ` (grave accent) Cycle between windows of the same application in Alt + Tab.
Alt + F1 Open the Applications menu.
Alt + F2 Open a floating command prompt.
PrtSc Take a screenshot of the entire screen.
Alt + PrtSc Take a screenshot of the window in focus.
Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys Switch between workspaces.
Ctrl + Alt + D Minimize all windows to show desktop.


  • Super means command key in mac keyboard
  • And print screen means
    Command + shift + 3
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Sorry, I think that that's maybe a driver problem so I just asked that for conforming.

Try the above shortcuts.

No, they dont work

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No, not at all. Any normal person can use Linux.
Take my example. I am a 13-year-old student but I use Linux for my daily use.

what does it mean driver problem? Can i fix it?...with your help? :grinning:

Yes, If there is a driver problem then I can fix that.
have you tried the above shortcuts?

yes, i tried the shortcuts

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Do they worked for you?

no, i just said thsat i tried and they dont work

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Oh, okay. That's maybe a driver problem. Please wait some time. I am giving you the solution

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Hello @dasjdoom
I don't have a good knowledge of Apple devices.
Can you help?

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Sorry, I don't have a good knowledge of the apple drivers and Apple devices. Please wait for someone who has a good knowledge of Apple devices to see your question.


thank you!


Hello ThDevloper, nice name btw. I liked your suggestion, good work there my friend. But I'm sorry to say that I have absolutely no knowledge of apple hard- or software. Have never used them.

But I will try to find a way by searching the net.