Laptop Will Not Wake After Opening Lid

Hi I have just purchased a new laptop for my son for university, I have Zorin running on several PC's with no problems.

This is the first install I have done on a laptop, when I close the lid the laptop will suspend but when I open the lid the only thing that will make it wake is to long press the power button.

Is there a setting I have missed somewhere?

Is there a setting in the BIOS to enable/disable the lid switch? If so, please make sure the lid switch is enabled.

The notebook should be responding to movement on the trackpad, or via an externally connected mouse and keyboard however.


Hi yes it is enabled, even without closing the lid once the screen is suspended nothing will wake it apart from long pressing the power button

Does this maybe explain the issue re Ubuntu 20.04 (=Zorin 16):

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Also, you may try this suggestion, here:

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Hi I did notice in gnome tweaks there is a setting for not powering off on closing the lid, problem is it does not log you out so if anyone was to open the lid they would have full access.

Now that would not be a problem for me but my son is a teenager

Thanks only problem with that solution is changing the kernel would that affect Zorin in any way?

I respect your statements.
It looks like you want Lock On Lid Close

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