Latest drivers, source

Hi all,

As I always used bleeding edge distros, with latest or experimental drivers,
I want try them on Zorin also.
Where I can find source for that

For example on Arch based distros, I can choose between stable, testing and unstable source.

Maybe something similar is for Ubuntu based distros ?
I only know how to use latest kernel :slight_smile: that was etc part


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Thanks for writing a very detailed tutorial for how to install the latest AMD and NVidia drivers :smiley:

I think it is pity to leave this posting in just this thread. Would you mind to create a new Tutorial thread for this instruction?

If you do not have a time for that, I could do that for you.

Please let me know :heart:

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Thanks for that. I already have latest , hm maybe even testing AMD drivers.
I needed them because of games.

With default drivers I got really bad performance :slight_smile:

You may also want to check x-swat drivers for Ubuntu (and derivatives) 20.04 and up.


That is only for Nvidia

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Hi @FrenchPress . I'd like to, nevertheless, I'm not sure "how" (except copy&paste). Is there a way how to move or promote a thread to a different section?

I think it is easier for me to do it with my moderator wand :star2:
Lemme do it!

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Yes, please :slight_smile:
(I noticed you have certain black magic powers :sunglasses:)


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This should work.


It appears to be true- you used magic to make a vanishing act.:smiley:

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Is it then better to use NVidia GPU than AMD in Linux?
At least with NVidia, a method to install a propitiatory driver is well established.

I never had issues with AMD. Just needed to update them.

But I am not big gamer, so don't know.
I heard that Nvidia is always problematic on linux

Yes and no.
At least I've never had any issue after switching to Zorin (last 6 months). When I was in Mint (for both XFCE and Cinnamon desktops), the kernel update could cause the dreaded login loop.

But you still need the latest driver?

Yes, I have better performance with latest drivers. It is just a one game :slight_smile:

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I see.
Meanwhile I play absolutely no game.
I might be an odd ball here.

I am playing maybe 1-2h per week. Just casual, mostly reading, walking my dog etc.

Playing games just to put my brain on hold ,hehe

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Actually, Nvidia has greater support for Linux then AMD. One of those obvious ways that you've already noticed, is that Nvidia drivers show up in the Additional Drivers section.

Nvidia actively writes new drivers for Linux. Where as AMD has been known to pretty much not give a crud about Linux users, and take years to come out with a new driver.

AMD support is just not there for Linux in regarding to graphics drivers, so I don't recommend that GPU for any Linux user, Nvidia is where its at in those regards.


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