Latest updates breaking boot

For awareness, one of the latest updates illustrated below are breaking OS boot. Fortunately I had Timeshift to recover.

Happy to help with logs and whatever, but not keen to install the updates again if I can help it.


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After installing the other updates, I have narrowed down the issue to:


If I install this update it will bork the OS booting. I know this because have recovered twice with Timeshift over the last 2 days to reproduce.

Notified ZorinGroup of this thread.


Thank you Anfo for bringing this to the attention of the developers.

As it may also assist in understanding what in that update causes an issue, would you mind sharing your pc specs or the output of lshw.

While there are much more informational applications or commands, I'm attempting to minimize further impacts on your time.

The info would include cpu, gpu, motherboard, sound card, network card, monitor, usb hub versions, etc. and their drivers.


Happy to: lshw output -

Any other information you need, including running the update should ok. I can install the update, but not restart until logs are extracted. Then I'll restore before any restart.

I installed right Firmware for Linux kernel drivers some minutes ago, do you mean that at next boot my laptop will stop boot procedure giving me errors?

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@Anfo, are you using a 4k monitor? Would you share the model?

@Luca_Pavan it depends on if the offending driver is in your system. The device is unknown at this time that causes the black screen after update. Check your system's lshw and compare to Anfo's to see if you have the same hardware. If not, you would most likely be fine, but a peripheral could cause this as well. Until the cause is determined it is speculation and anyone is susceptible to the issue.

I have an Asus with many AMD components, yet my system is not effected. It is also a laptop with a screen resolution limited to 1080p. I'm making an educated guess, because of the corresponding issues with members using 4k monitors, that it is the 4k drivers... but further investigation is necessary in order to find the culprit and a possible resolution.


It didn't effect my Asus either but I'm running all Intel stuff .....

No 4K, but I do have an AOC 29 inch ultra widescreen in 2560 x 1080 resolution. Also, my screen doesn't go all black on restart. I just freezes during (I think) initialisation of devices, black screen with lines of white text.

Note, I have a multiple monitor set up as well. 29inch and adjacent AOC 24 inch monitors if that is relevant.


After rebooting nothing bad happened, very good :relieved:.

Same for me. Just bad to see, I see no errors after that, the sudden white screen flashes melt my eyes though.


In retrospect I think I should have posted in a bug forum, and not implied we're all doomed when it looks like I am the only one affected (so far)!

No, you were right to post it here. I've seen fixes for many kernel bugs from the ZorinGroup, long before a solution filtered through the kernel development channels. They may be able to figure it out and fix it so it doesn't happen again to anyone else.

While they are busy handling a lot of software, legal and administrative duties, the ZorinGroup has always maintained a stable system for the majority of hardware configurations. They can't test all configurations, so rely on members to share issues. Then they deploy updates to resolve them (usually after we find a workaround or solution, sometimes before).


I'm now not sure which updates to install, because a few of them are now breaking my boot. Also as I'm unchecking updates in the Software Updater, the app will close.


Good to see that someone else noticed this, I thought I was the only one that saw it.

Another bug is that sometimes I click Install Now and it minimizes by itself, is it fine? Because I remember that I read that minimizing during installations can give problems.

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So I have the same problem after fully updating my os.
Now what do I do?
I pretty much don't have anything valuable in it but can I still remove the problematic packages without reinstalling the whole os
(Sorry for my English :slight_smile: )

I have no time shift btw

Edit : can I just don't update the broken packages and will it be a temporary solution?

This makes sense to me. You can apt mark hold any packages you do not want to update.

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But I dont think its going to be easy as we would need to test multiple/all packages to see which one breaks understanding what Anfo said in previous comment

"I'm now not sure which updates to install, because a few of them are now breaking my boot."

The updater popped up today automatically, and admittedly the number of, and types of updates had changed, especially the Mesa drivers. Should I take that as a signal to try again?

Gigabyte X399, 1920X, 3060Ti. Installed updates last night, no issues for me. I did download the updates with my vpn on...higher chance of corruption but maybe that corrected a download bug with post-download file verification? IDK but my box is running with it's normal authoritative(snappy) opposed to lethargic and bogged down like some windows updates. Stick it bill and ur hydrogen powered yacht! lol

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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