Legacy Radeon drivers

Greetings…Im kinda new to zorin, ive installed the latest version lately on my htpc, thought gpu was not working but it was problem w memory(ive put 4gigs into pc that supports 2 by official documentation)…after i solved the memory problem i got into pc, sound works, net works, which impressed me cause the [edited out by moderator - attempt to bypass language filter] Wins8/10 couldnt do that at all…everything works flawlessly except when i play video it freezes into a point where i could see only my mouse, i can still operate the pc but the screen is just frozen, happens only during video playback, there is radeon hd 4850 in that cluster, its being powered from 2 psus :smiley: yeah, its really a cluster…my question is if u would recommend me drivers for my old hd 4850, id like to figure out why it freezes, the wins had problem w sound n wifi but gpu has enough juice for benches so i figured its driver related issue…thanks for any help, i appreciate that :slight_smile:

@KladivkoMan Hi and welcome to the Forum. Can I ask which flavour of Zorin did you install e.g. Core, Lite etc? That will help us.


A few things (please try suggestions #2 onwards in the order that I write them):

  1. I had to edit your post - bypassing the language filter is a violation.
  2. Do you see any options under: Software Updater -> Settings -> Additional Drivers?
  3. Can you find (and perhaps link back to us) the driver under https://www.amd.com/en/support ? That is, if they do have anything listed for your gpu.
  4. There are several drivers listed under Synaptic, try one at a time and see if they help. Just search for “radeon” once you’re on Synaptic.
  5. Worth checking if your repositories are all there by checking against: Software Updater settings (ignore Wine) - if you’re missing anything, add it and then try steps #2 & #4 again.