Lenovo Legion

Hey everyone! I have a legion 5 15ach6 with a ryzen 7 and a 3050ti. If you have this or other legion you know there are some hardware issues out of the box with Linux. I had issues with the WiFi card and the screen brightness with Zorin (and before that Kubuntu). I managed to fix these but it’s not the most ideal solution as it pretty much prevents me from using hybrid mode and secure boot. I thought I’d make a thread for all the legion owners so we can all help each other with our hardware issues to make Zorin run perfectly on our systems!

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This setting should be turned off if you use linux, infact if i keep this enabled my pop os live wont even boot.

Secure boot is a ■■■■ setting anyway designed for Microsoft (designed for signed bootloaders aka Microsoft dominating the market)

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Thank you I’m aware. Actually with Zorin secure boot does work as it did keep that over from Ubuntu. The issue with the WiFi driver is that since it’s not part of the kernel it is not signed. My system is a duel boot however so with my windows system Id like to have it to help protect from root kits if I can. As I favor Zorin over windows it’s not crucial as I don’t expose the windows boot to a lot, only use it for work related tasks and some games that anti cheat prevents them from running on Linux.