Lets talk about zorin os 16

i really want to know more about the zorin os 16 release is there any ui/ux leaks or new features or any general news about it? i really love zorin os and i want to know more about the next release. :thinking:


Note : I am not a developer, Just a casual Linux user.

Idk, maybe there will be no zorin 16, just like they hopped from zorin 12 to zorin 15, They can hop from 15 to 19 or 20? Who knows?

Maybe the new version will be based on Ubuntu 20.04 or later.
What do you think they will do?

There is a bit of early speculative chat about Z16 here:


i think in the end of january 2021 it is really not too early to talk about the next release of zorinos. As mentioned it will be based on ubuntu 20.04 - 20.04.1 first point release is out now for half a year
-> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases
And point release 20.04.2 is waiting for release in 2021 too.
School has begun and admins think over to use zorin edu version at school. It does not make sense to install 15.3 now and to re-install everything in a few days/weeks again.

So i am close to my previous speakers, please release the schedule for zorinos follower of 15.3.

Thanks a lot.

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