Libjson 32 bit libraries for Zorin

Hi guys! I want to play an old game from and it doesn't start. After some googling, I realized the problem is missing libjson 32 bit libraries on the system.
But I can't install it in any way. One user on the gog forum solved it by typing libjson0:i386 but Zorin says it's "Unable to locate package libjson0:i386".

How can I solve this issue?

Try opening the terminal and typing:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update

You might also want to participate this thread which is dedicated to GOG on Zorin.

I changed the category of the thread from "Chat" to "General Help".

Thank you for your reply but the game doesn't start nonetheless.
How do I revert your command back? And do I need to revert it anyway?

Thank you. I'll try asking in that thread.

You should not revert it since you still need it.
The command @337harvey gave you enables installing the 32bit libraries which you did not proceed to do after running the command and updating the sources.
But - to answer your question, you can revert with:

sudo dpkg --remove-architecture i386

As far as installing the libjson - this thread recommends not installing directly, but instead, moving the files in manually:

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