Linux is really difficult compared to Windows

Now this is my experience. Linux is very extremely difficult.
I say this because it is and I only feel more frustration when people who do the tutorials saying "That was extremely easy." Because nobody uses such overexaggeration in windows tutorial.
I mean you can say it was easy. but no matter how easy, you won't use that line.
Nothing against the linux users. (Sometimes people kinda get upset when I say it's difficult for some reason.)
Because I am a linux user and have no intention to ever going back to Windows because of it's Advertisements and privacy invasion like lying Apple that says they care about privacy and still get a lot of customers.

Strangely it seems like there are a lot of people who try to lie or I don't know, maybe they are born smart and got all A+ in school.
But certainly there is a thing that many linux users seems to say it is easy as if that's gonna make people more want to try linux.
(Just my experience and opinion just like some people might consider this easier or not.)
I think if somebody made a perfect simple just follow what I do easy tutorial,
that would be the best reason for people to switch to linux than saying it's easy.
Like spam those tutorials everywhere.

I think the tutorials and such aren't good enough. (yes, if it was easy for you I guess it was easy enough for you but not for me.) Most windows users are kinda dumb. So we have to make the tutorials easy. however was the only website that made any sense. I did had to read it thourougly though. Usually windows users don't want to read stuff and understand. They just want things to be done and work. Like people don't know about tvs but they get their job done
by pressing the tv remote power button. and feel like they know about it. They do not want to open up the tv and learn how it's made and how it works.

I just want the truth.
Windows simply works. It's simple as downloading the exe installer from the official website and then save it in external drive. No need for internet at all.
Just download the 50~80 or max 500mb offline version.
All you have to do is double click next, next and chances are 99.9% of the time
installation simply just works. Unless an error happens. which only 0.1% of the time would. I mean how could anything beat double click , next next ?
The only expertise on windows installation is have patience and uncheck sneaky tool bar installation.
Really easy to reinstall the whole os while linux, it's really complicated with
know the terminal command, what method to install ? Do I have Pip ?
Did I got the right ubuntu version 5.5 ? while being in zorin 10.0 and check the software version ? Did I have the right repository ? list goes on.

Compared to linux where I try to install just softwares and it keeps getting errors.
Because there are like layers of reasons to get errors. If you are simple minded you will not use your imagination and never know why.

Windows is like playing a no brainer action rpg which is hack and slash. All you do is left click right click and repeat. You don't ever use your brain.
No matter how bad things turn out you can also re level your character and win.

Linux is like playing the most difficult puzzle game like darksiders. But the controls while fighting is also became more difficult. Because you have to constantly use your brain. Also don't forget to use your imagination why it's not working and other potential reasons.
I tried darksiders and I got stuck in puzzles. I had to follow 1 step by step in puzzles when puzzles got insanely difficult. It wasn't a game anymore it was a
problem to solve. I thought it was a hack and slash first. I did solve all other puzzles in other games but this was truly a puzzle game as a genre at this point.

On Windows, learning difficult things is just imitating what the tutorials do.
The most difficult thing would be as easy as imitating the tutorials "registry"
which could destroy your system. (At least that was my experience I'm not talking about programming because I'm not learning programming I just want things to work. I don't want to learn anything.)

On Linux, learning how to install software is always a problem and it takes long long hours for many months to work. (I've been gathering lot of information and trying this and that for a long time and things are starting to work except lot more to go.)

On linux however, there are many many methods to install softwares.
And it feels like people are lying by saying , hey linux has more options to download the exact same software so it's easier.

(It makes it more difficult because it's like making email passwords.
1 website says ok to "thisismypassword" then other says put a number, character, Capital letter, at least 20 letters.
(Example only on terminal, not able on synaptic, only through .DEB, only by Appimage.) and I follow the commands, I follow the tutorials but it doesn't work.
I have barely any memory in windows having a problem installing a simple mere software. and this is shockingly difficult.

such as
Terminal (It seems like 1 method but there are multiple methods in terminal alone. sudo apt install vlc, wget, snap and on.)
You also need to know the exact name of the "Codename" for the software installation and not the exact name of the software. Perfection is required on Terminal so you can get an error. This is why tutorials have to be very precise.

Sudo apt install (vlc)
(I know this is not the right command just an example, if you put

( )

then it might not work. even though they say put ( ).
Sometimes they say it's < > but it's [ ].
So it has to be perfection but I guess if you are not a beginner it is obvious and you might even laugh so they will not say this and you have to figure it out on your own.

Synaptic (Simple but not easy at first because you have to get used to it and learn. I had problem with this because I was afraid I might make mistake and
this might be graphical but it's not obvious as the normal other softwares.
I say this is kinda abnormal software because it feels like hybrid of GUI and Terminal. Unlike vlc software. It feels like you are using Terminal. Not much
colors and buttons. It's like "windows registry" so it feels like you have to be careful. I know many people just click, click without worry while using vlc, any browser but when they see windows registry, they feel the pressure and it's not easily understandable with mostly a lot of letters than obvious buttons.
It is confusing with multiple same vlc versions and some other vlc related stuff
available. Usually in windows, you just download and install instead of getting binary package stuff. But I had to use it learn so I did it and now I know it. I knew I can always reinstall the entire os. and had no other choice.)

Graphical software center (First used this and this is the easiest but the softwares are sometimes outdated and there are like 2 versions of it.
If you were to only use this and get satisfied with the simplest things and not
overly try to achieve what you want then linux just might not be so difficult.
<Still a lot lot difficult than windows. trash can , my pc doesn't exist. text have lines and numbers, things can freeze but ctrl+alt+del doesn't work. you have to set it. no short cut default key. and linux tends to freeze lot more than windows in my experience. The Terminal is somewhat necessary and commands are difficult. excluding sudo apt install vlc.>
Because you can always look for other options.
(This is also a big reason why I'm having it hard. I have softwares I want to work.
I did get some alternatives but some I don't want the alternatives.)

.DEB (Easy once you got Gdebi installed. and said to be secure.)

Snap, Appimage (Always warns it could be potentially less secure. snap can be installed though terminal and appimage is like windows portable without having to extract a folder, and just use 1 single icon file to run the program.)

If you are a beginner you will not even understand what I'm saying here and will think I'm an expert. But I'm just talking about the very basics. At least I would not
understand anything what this text is saying 1 year ago. But for some reason I think everybody would understand this except for me for some reason.

Sometimes they say if you get used to it or once you learn but that already means linux is more difficult than windows. Because when I first got my pc it was windows and decades past but I barely have any memory of having a very hard time with problems with pc in the os system while just doing simple things.

The only hard things was when my pc broke. You know the physical parts changing and opening stuff and sending to the repair shop. Although that is not windows. Also people tends to say building pc is easy. They said "even your grandma can do it" Reality is my mom thinks I'm a computer expert and I'm not but I learned a lot, knowing how to use more softwares and stuff is already more. Mom however doesn't even know how to turn a pc. My grandma never had a chance to even click a mouse. That's the reality. While obviously some grandpas can play video games. Pretty sure most 40s,50s can use pc but not 70,80s in terms of statistics. So my mom is a rare case. but most 40s,50s can't open and build pc parts. 20s, 30s, probably 35% of population can if there was a lot who can at best.

Now I learned it but it's all about the luck. If you have a mentor who would teach you, you have 0 worries and will do it.
But if you have to do it on your own, you will have a lot of anxiety. Also the psychological part. And the preparedness. Simply you have to buy used cheap pcs to practice so you can just try and learn. But to use your own expensive pc,
psychology won't let you.

Some youtubers would say if you don't suffer you can learn nothing when talking about linux learning. While it may be true this is like a proof that linux is insanely difficult. Because nobody would say If you don't suffer you can't learn windows.

I searched on a search engine and youtube 2 things. 1 is "Why linux is difficult"
"Why windows is difficult" Result says the truth.
Search result is linux is about why it is difficult to learn to just use and make things work. And some videos trying to convince it is not hard when it is.
For windows, it's about why windows 10 is hard to use. What this means is not that people find it hard to learn to make things work. It means windows 10 is constantly making advertisements show up, automated forced updates and such. So it is hard (Inconvenient to be precise.) but easy to get things done.
This is obvious but I had to search because people keep saying stuff to make people feel linux is not hard or making videos about Motivational Inpirational stuff.

I've been translating foreign languages for many people for free whether they were thankful or very thankful or didn't care or was instead rude. (things just happen when you help people. ) and there are many people who do this. But when it comes to computer questions I think people don't really want to waste their time to solve it for others. And there are many rules in other tech forums that are too strict. I think zorin has the least strict rules with reaonsable reasons.


Well said, I now use both windows and Zorin, Linux was a bit of a nightmare to start with and I lost count of the number of re-installs I did, and the stupid mistakes I made, but they were not stupid when I made them? because I knew no better, Zorin is the best newbie Linux distro I have found, it's human nature to dabble and tweak stuff to find out how it works, system restore in windows is the best tool you have, so I would recommend "Timeshift" and others like that, because it will go wrong at some point, unless you just use it and DON'T fiddle with the settings! :innocent:

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Well the diffrents about windows and linux is you know what you have installed on your operating system i mean about opensource and you can installing or uninstalling things.
In windows world you are like some a "cage slave".
The some software windows doing them commercial to cannot used them anywhere. The same point what apple doing.
Windows for me is more for gaming like good if you playing many a games.
I tested last time many distribution and must sayed Zorin is good with both sides. Very customize, gaming also if something is broken you can still repair that.
I was happy with mostly using distribution on first place is Zorin my beginning adventure from version 8. Still have a cd plates.
The next place is mint with most using.
The third is Fedora.
So the point is I installed mx linux but I am not happy. Distrowatch it is simple hype nothing more. Maybe it is good for simple a computers or programming but 100% no for gaming.
Fedora I have a good experiences hard to broken and if you have problem there is huge forum with many things how to repair that. Fedora also have many spins and they are updated very fast new things if original distribution have some new things.
I also tested gentoo but this mergee to long, lfs is only 1 year important. The packages changed every year.
Slackware is something like a gentoo - gentoo packages comes from slackware.
Arch people sayed is ok but personally not for me. To much "puzzle settings and packages".
In my conclusion Zorin is always updated in the middle not to old and not to newest. People sayed we want newest things.
Did you saw example in four seasons spring,summer,autumm,winter in this world something new? Did you seeing if sun or moon are changed. Long time ago when i was children i was happy what i have. Now we have some modern technology and we must run to rabbit hole? In headphones world also i was there.
I start learning to create my life more simple and wondering what is more important.
I don't want to be blind with all that stuff and technology and social media where people jump like to some hole.
I hope Zorin 17 released will be always like i meet this distribution a many years ago.
If you want something newer go to arch if you afraid your software and hardware will be old.
I waiting for new version ZORIN and propably i will be not dissapointed like always.

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If you've spent your entire life using A and then try to use B, it's going to be difficult. Simple as that. If you ask me to do many of the things that I do daily with a Linux machine on a Window machine, I would be 100% unable to.


Did you use the internet to download that .exe file?

Zorin OS and all other Debian based systems are as easy as downloading the .deb file and saving it or deploying it with a double-click.

You say this:

And then you turn around and say this:

It is simply untrue. You double click the .deb installer. Same as in Windows. And talk about exaggeration... Installing software in Linux takes "Months" of work?
Most often on Linux, following tutorials means just imitating what they say to do.

I think this sentence sums up most of the issue you are describing.
You are not lacking in ability nor in intelligence. You had to learn how to use Windows and after you did, It seems Easy to You.

Can you use Ninja to install software to Windows?
Can you create an Excel Spreadsheet for me that organizes its cells based on value size instead of ascending orders?
Can you send me a simple file I can double click that will change a Registry D-Word Value?
I would be willing to bet that you cannot do any of those. Because you are unwilling to do "the hard things" on Windows and always avoided them.

You talk about people exaggerating about Linux by calling it easy.
You even go so far as to toe the line of calling them "Liars".
Then you exaggerate by claiming that on Windows, you need only double-click an .exe. On Linux, you have to know the difference between an .rpm and a .deb and know which one to click and it is therefor Extremely Difficult.
No. Your double standard does not meet reality.


@Aravisian sums it up pretty much. The only thing I'll add. Have you ever tried joining a Windows help forum? Have you seen all the troubles they are wrestling with? Windows is in the same boat as Linux in that aspect and it's harder for them to crack the nut as they don't have full control of their Windows system as we have with our Linux system.

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Feezing: Common issue.
Answer: Vague...

A person could be forgiven for thinking that this was a Linux thread:

Using the terminal in Windows is common:

Hardware trouble: vague error codes make it tricky to troubleshoot:

Using paths to direct commands; just like in Linux or Mac

We deal with Boot Issues:

An invalid dot in a file name... Knowing the details of how the coding works makes all the difference in the word.


Of Course: Lenovo.
Sleep, wake and Suspend are the bane of computer operating systems:


Let's not be harsh on this user and his experience with Linux.
This is just him experience where he describe a journey from windows to linux.
Some months ago i wrote.
"Windows Gates" for commercial software what working only with windows.
The same practice with apple.
We have biggest open source social people in the linux world.


I reading all your history and it is very interesting like a journey.
Your history is very precise without offending anyone.
Little on first time could be not sure what you mean but reading all your history is real life. Good and bad sides two world commercial and open source.


Yes, that's me :grin:. But despite you just want stuff to work immediately without getting into editing codes and all the processes you know :wink: when you do it sometimes maybe you end up learning a trick. Sometimes it's even not so hard as it looked.

Yes, the problem is once trying the software, in my case it was 80% of times that it could not work out of the box :expressionless:. Usually games, because of Unity complex shaders not supported by my laptop, memory outage, missing .dlls, paranormal error and other abominable stuff.

Happy Lean Back GIF by Squishiverse

Usually because you can download by your source preference, for me for example the problem isn't that, it's downloading a software on GNOME Software to then realize that it's not regularly updated like the original version and of course the fact that's not an original release but just a repacked version published by someone else that maybe just wanted to release it and forget about updating it. I must be careful when choosing which software to install, if APT, snap, flat or from an external source, like for example the original website or another that has it. To not mention the installation process that often ends up on terminal and, potentially, errors, broken installation or missing dependencies/files/libraries/whateverthecontentis. Often happens for partial support with your OS since many Linux software work immediately and properly on certain distros rather than others. And when it fails on mine I usually think “Why mine in particular?” :unamused:.

This is a ridiculous statement!

I have been using linux personally for 8+ (10+? years) but I still have to do the tech support on family and friends windows machines so in the time that I have had ZERO problems with my zorin 15 install (except for self created issues because i have been fiddling, lets look at the problems with a SINGLE windows 10 machine)

  1. About once a week to once a month the network would crash requiring a complete reboot to fix (because of a wifi connection to an unstable internet connection) since he wouldn't listen to me when I insisted he use a network cable since he would have to bury it, now that there is a hard line the problem inst cropping up any more but that doesn't remove the fact that 2-3 disconnects with a wireless protocol completely spazzes windows underlying network protocols to the point where the machine cant even ping (the default self reference)
  2. A broken HDMI cable (which still let picture through but failed the encryption handshake) made it seem like the module that swaps between the GFX chipset and the GFX card was malfunctioning.
  3. This one is a kicker ... if you use an online windows user profile for your windows user (windows one or whatever its called) u COMPLETELY LOSE all access to windows 8 and lower OS's LAN windows shares. It took me 11 days of 4+ hrs of fiddling and testing each day to find the problem because its COMPLETELY UNDOCUMENTED (its one of the topics that gets actively deleted on the windows support forum and yes that is also a thing)
  4. When you share a windows folder and then copy new stuff into that folder you have to share it AGAIN, or else only the new folders appear, not the files.
  5. and that's not mentioning the constant slowdown just from using windows or the fun times when a FORCED update breaks the machine and you have to do a rollback

I could go on but that's all that i can remember off the top of my head.
Saying that "windows just works" is beyond ludicrous!! If it did, there would be no tech support industry, windows would not need to include 'remote support' in the base install protocols OR force it to be active by default without user consent or understanding of the risks it causes.

I have had to reinstall windows on 5 separate machines 2-6 times each (because something randomly stops working or it gets so slow that you cant use it anymore) in the time that I have had to do nothing with my linux machine (and thats with me constantly fiddling and breaking stuff in linux).

your argument is the same as 'english is a better language than spanish because all english speakers struggle to speak spanish'
just USING a windows machine is so 'complicated' that schools need a computer literacy subject to teach people how to click on icons and type into a word document.

If people were taught linux in school and windows was the unfamiliar OS they would struggle just as much (more actually) than people 'struggle' to move from windows to linux, because of whats familiar and unfamiliar. (keep in mind that at least 60% of the problem is psychosomatic because people have been bombarded with propoganda about how impossible linux is).

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I was direct, but not harsh. The user chose his wording.

Sadly, this is a common thing on the internet as a whole - it is too easy to delete reports.

Apt analogy.

I bit like how this thread seeks to do, claiming it takes "Months" to install software on Linux.

That is true in real life if we trying something it can taste diffrent.
Some people life are in loop.
In my opinion if you seeing something.reading or watching the best idea is Do It Yourself.
The problem in the beginning you need a tools,theory and practice or not.
The one good idea in this all things everything what you are doing is for your best suit. This all will be cost you more money and a time from product what you bought in shop.

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@Aravisian Well what is the point the user what post that topic?
Check our reaction?
Real linux user know how it works.
We don't need a create a document history about linux or Zorin distribution how they working. We have Zorin, we have experience with them and we know what is there and how it works.
The subject main is something a historical when it was maybe 30 years ago but not now.
Besides this topic isn't some argument and proof.
He wrote in general terms.
Besides linux using NASA, Tesla using linux, everything exist with unix or linux.
This is difficult also understable what working or not for him.

I'm gonna have to agree and disagree with some of the things said.

There are some tutorials that are literally like that. Of course, there are also many tutorials that take stuff that isn't obvious for granted, went through that pain a few months ago when i was starting learning linux, but if you search enough it really is possible to get used to linux, even if it's not easy for some to memorize the technical details, because some tutorials are clear and concise.

That's one of them. But I'm sure there are more. In fact, a great way of learning is taking a look at people having the problem you don't know to solve on forums of the distro you are using. In my case, since zorin is based on ubuntu, I learnt a lot by just looking at posts with my same problems on the zorin, mint and ubuntu forums, since the problems are usually asked by people with not a lot of experience and so the people who answer usually make it clear, concise and obvious so the person they are trying to help understands it.

Yeah, you are right on that one. Every time my dad needs to set up a pc or laptop for personal use, they always take it to a tech shop so they will install the software he needs for him, even if it's a free software. Same with my brother. I'd say that the difficulty between learning to download and install a .deb or .appimage is the same as windows' .exe and .msi, portable or installer, since the proccedure is the same basically. So of course, if you got used to that, you aren't gonna be familiar with those new file extensions, so it makes sense you get confused at first.

I never opened up a pc nor a laptop to learn how linux works. Building a pc or fixing phisical problems with the components is as optional for linux as it is for windows

As I've already stated, that's also how you install a .deb app

I don't know how was it years ago, but nowadays most linux distributions have a very easy to use graphical installer that ask things like your language, keyboard layout, partition to use, user info and that's it. Basically a few clicks and type a bit on basic questions. The only hard thing about it for a beginner is knowing about partitions, but even then, the windows installer DOES also ask about what partition to use, but most linux distros have it so other installed systems are detected automatically so you don't even need to know anything about partitions if you want the linux system alone, or just click on the other checkmark for dual-boot or multi-boot with other installed systems. Some linux distros even have a nice and easy way to choose how much storage you want to give to each system, something windows doesn't have. Don't even get me started on the live sessions linux has that lets you try it without installing

So, nowadays, installing linux has become easier and more convinient when it comes to the installing process than windows for more linux distros. Of course, there are some exceptions, like arch linux, but if you are saying all thia in the zorin forum i'm assuming you saw how easy it is to install zorin

I gotta agree that dependencies can be kinda confusing for someone who's new to linux

As i've seen someone say while i was searching up things I didn't know how to do, your favourite web browser is your greatest teacher, and all the blogs and forums that talk about your problem are different theory books that all of them explain the same in different ways. If you can't think of a solution for something, there's a big chance someone did, and if no one did or their explanations don't make sense to you, you can always ask in a forum and get help. Almost nothing is impossible as long as you really want to do it

Windows doesn't change that much over time, and when it does, the update is usually easily recognizable by everyone, mostly because of UI changes and a name that is easy to recognize (windows xp, vista, 7, 8...)

On linux, since most tutorials say the name of the distro and not the version ("How to install this on Ubuntu", "How to change that in Linux Mint"), sometimes the tutorial may be outdated. And even if they specify the exact version of the distro in the title of the tutorial, chances are you don't know what version are you running exactly, since you are new to linux and don't know the differences between versions

Saying this can't happen on windows is just wrong. You would be surprised how much people confused windows vista with windows 7 back then, and of course, some tutorials made for windows 7 or vista wouldn't work on the other, so the reason why it's easier for you to follow a windows tutorial is because you got used to windows

I gotta agree with you on this one. As a beginner, that can be confusing. Is my distro based on debian or arch? Why does the same program take a different amount of storage depending on the packaging format? But that's more about trial and error than about having a headache over why it doesn't work. If it says "... and debian/arch based distros" and it doesn't work, the usual is to assume it's the other.

Is it better like this? In my personal opinion, no. Having a single packaging format that at the same time is supported on every single linux distribution and handles the amount of storage needed efficiently would be the ideal, and it is true that windows does it better on this regard.

Almost every program that you can install from the terminal will also show the exact same package in the gui software store and separate it from flatpaks and snaps by calling it the native package. The few exceptions are usually programs that run on the terminal only, usually not needed by the average user

And if I'm not wrong, I'm pretty sure the windows terminal can be used to install software too, and in that regards, you need to know the difference between cmd and powershell, while linux does it all in a single terminal, so linux is better when it comes to optionally using the terminal for tasks.

There are some gui programs that need to be installed through the terminal, of course, but those usually provide very clear instructions, so while it may be scary before starting, halfway through the installation you realize it's usually stuff like typing "y" to confirm something and other simple stuff, and the website of said programs usually provide the exact instructions in an easy way that everyone can follow. A great example of this is hplip (the program for hp printers)

Gnome software, kde's discover and other gui software stores fix all the problems you complain about synaptic. I'm pretty sure synaptic is still kept around because it's been there since many years ago and people got used to it, and also because it's a great way to look at the technical side of installing programs without using the terminal. But for the average user who just wants things to be simple, the other software stores I mentioned displays the same programs (and more, adding flatpaks and snaps) than synaptic, but only the part of it that the user needs to see, comparable with Android's google play store or iOS's app store, or even Windows' Microsoft Store. And most linux distros have a software store pre-installed (zorin has gnome software, distros witg the kde desktop have discover...)

Opening the files app does the exact same function as opening the "My PC" shortcut on windows. As for the trash can... I've only tried 3 linux distros, but all of them had a trash can. What distro did you use?

While it is true that linux can be hard to understand sometimes, it's not the same learning with no knowledge than learning having different, yet a bit similar, knowledge, so that is also an extra added to the difficulty

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Oh and about this

I had to spend full evenings trying to figure out why the printer doesn't work on my dad's pc, which is running windows 11.

To that I add things like file explorer's melting and crashing, the bloatware you have to uninstall and the one you can't uninstall, a minimum of 3 gb of ram that are constantly taken even if no apps are open, and even the windows 11 installer requires you to open cmd and then modify some registery stuff if your pc's components aren't new

Windows is easier than linux, that's a fact, but saying that it just works is just wrong


I have to agree with some of the other comments about Windows "just works". That is a very untrue thing to say. I am 77 years old. I have been using computers since the days of Win 3.1 both at home and at work. I have used every version of Windows except 8 and 11. ALL of them have crashed from time to time. I have been using Linux for over 2 years now and have never had the operating system crash. I have on rare occasions had a program lock up but I just exited out of the program and went on. My many years of using a PC has shown me that the most stable of all operating systems are those based on Linux. Zorin and Linux Mint are also really easy for anyone to learn to use if they are coming from Windoze. But of course they have to be willing to learn.

The biggest problem I see is that so many people have been brainwashed into thinking they are "intitled" that they believe everything should be the way THEY want it. Add in the fact our society is being constantly dumbed down by the media and people are just too lazy to think for themselves and this is what we get.


If I may add, as a fairly new Linux user there is a bit of a toxic attitude to new Linux users, but not on here, I have met with nothing but kindness and helpful support on here, and that helped me massively with the confidence to learn and understand, and yes "citfa as a youngster of 76, your right about people expecting things should just work the way they want it to


Well. We talking about a computers. Did the world don't changed?
When I seeing 6 years old child on bicycle with big mobile in hand holding a bicycle handlebar with a huge mobile 6 size because the pocket in the pants are to small?
Everyone want a perfect system or just start and stop not difficult to learning something new. The diffrents generation, the diffrents technology.
Many years ago the world exist with a human hands, now the people are changed with a machines.
Machines need a human hand to be programmering,service or creating them.
So then why we blame windows or linux operating systems?
Everything is created or in technology world wrote hands with people hands.
Stop blame a operating system then maybe start blame a people who created that?
I thinking also we forget a battle with big commercial institution what have a big money and only interesting a money.
If we paying microsoft it is 100% pure clean system without spying out private life?
Linux isn't this is open source for all people for free?

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