Linux pre-installed laptops 💻

OK, well, I am not using LITE yet. Yes, I did use XFCE DE installed over Zorin Os 12.4 years back, but I didn't use all functions of the DE, only what I needed back then. And my memories begin fading fast once I am no longer on XFCE, and only using Gnome for the whole year.

I won't be back on XFCE until Zorin brother's release Zorin OS 16 LITE. I know that they know that they demand is high. But some people are getting restless waiting for its release. And the Zorin's have already gotten push back from other people outside our community who do Linux distro reviews.

And like Aravisian also have said, Star Labs, who has a contract with the Zorin brother's, are also pushing back hard, and since they have a contract, their pushback means a heck of a lot more. Anger your contract holder, be prepared for the backlash.

So thats why the Zorin brother's need to hurry it up and finish it.


I have 15,3 Lite on one of the test machines.
But I have to bring it out of the closet since I do not use it daily.
And it is always out of battery :frowning:

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I never said that. I only said that StarLabs offers Zorin OS pre-installed. And that was a response to a User asking about it.
Whether StarLabs is pressuring the ZorinGroup was speculated by other people after.


I found another company which offers Linux pre-installed laptops.

Zorin is one of many options a buyer can chose.


Well Zorin's need to hurry up is all I am saying. And there are a lot of other's on this forum who agree with me. And you know, it took them far too long to release OS 16 as it is. A lot of people got fed up and moved to other distro's. I was one of them, couldn't wait on OS 16, it didn't even get released till August!

I bought a new computer in April, so I went with the greatest option with a later kernel that would work with the hardware, and that was POP OS. Now, what I am interested to know, is what kernel Zorin's will be going with in their OS 16 LITE release.

I can only assume its going to be 5.13, or 5.15. Hopefully at least 5.13, cause that will also support 12th gen CPU's, which will be great for new 12th gen owners. :slightly_smiling_face: If the Zorin's had a larger team, I think they would most certainly be faster on their releases.

I think kernel used is probably going to be the greatest concern for many going through with OS 16 LITE, since 12th gen has now been released, and computers will be rolling out with new 12th gen chips now. What we do know, is that the Zorin's most certainly do a good job with their OS's they release.

So ya, may take them far too long for my tastes to release their OS's, but you always know, when they do release them, they gonna be good.


I had also moved to other distros while I waited.
I got settled in and was just workin' away, when offered to try out Zorin 16 Alpha which blew me away.


I still remember to this day you telling us all how fast Alpha was, which was incredible, since BETA wasn't even released yet. It doesn't appear that the Zorin's are doing Alpha's and BETA releases of LITE, like last time with CORE.

That guy TOSS on Youtube, he's a real "T" to the Linux community. First he converts to using Chromebooks, idolizes them, talks about how they are the greatest computers in the universe, even though they can't do production or gaming cause their utter garbage. Then, to make matters worse, when Windows11 BETA came out, he went on to say how it was faster then Linux.

And even after its full release, he still says its faster then Linux. Its like, hello, it is Linux! The base code for Win11 is Linux. All Microsoft did was steal open source Linux code, then they tweaked the heck out of it to compete against Linux and MAC OS. But its still got all the data sniffing in it.

Thats why people like Toss are a real "T" to the community. Anytime somebody says Chromebooks are better, they tell me they are off their rocker. If they tell me that Win11 is better then Linux, they are so off their rocker, they rolled off the cliff! So ya, I been pretty annoyed with that guy as of late. lol


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The only thing we should be splitting right now with this solved thread, is split pea's. Split pea soup? Coming right up, watch out, its hot. Ooooooo, delicious :yum:

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Yes, there are such things do exist.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8
Starting at $2249

I think I can buy 10 decent used laptops for this kind of price :frowning:


I think it's funny that they call them "Linux laptops". Sounds to like when they started selling Windows laptops. Guess it's all marketing, now people are looking for a replacement of Window 11.


As I've mentioned in the past, Linux laptops are overpriced, so it most certainly is a marketing thing. People still think Linux is niche, so you are going pay big to have niche.

Tell me, which choice would you have made in my place when I was buying a new computer in April.

Linux pre-installed laptop $3200.00
Intel i7‑10710U 6-Core CPU
Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU

MSI GE76-231 Raider $3000.00
Intel I7-10870H 8-Core CPU
Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU

Linux Laptop CONCLUSION:
The Linux laptops of course provide you the convenience of having Linux already installed for you. It comes with solid hardware sure, but it costs more then it should, simply because it has Linux on it. However, its ready to go out of the box.

MSI laptops come with Windows on them, so work must be made to remove Windows off the drive, and install Linux on them. Having said that however, for the price you pay, you get higher performance hardware.

So I ask again, which option would you have chosen in my place back in April?


I can hardly wait till they start marketing BSD pre-installed laptops :grin:

My last challenge was ghost BSD but I was defeated at the stage of installing a network printer.


Its always the printers isn't it? Curse those printers, the bane of our existance! HAHA. I watched the latest WAN show from LTT, they were talking about the difficulty installing printers in Windows, however Linus was able to install his super easy on Linux, he was truly surprised LOL!

I can't wait for LTT to release the footage of their Linux adventure! @FrenchPress I love how you add emogies to the titles, its the little things in life we treasure isn't it? HEHE. I love talking about hardware, many fun topics to be had about Linux laptops vs Windows laptops.


Actually, if that printer were directly connected to the BSD machine, it would have been easier.
Minute there is a network involved, this issue arises about security which makes the whole thing quite complicated.

It was quite frustrating since as far as I know, the only hacker :sunglasses: in our premise is me!


For the record, Zorin OS and POP OS have no issues with adding printers on the network. And I haven't had issues with the print manager yet either.

I remember back in the days of Zorin OS 12 and older, the CUPS manager would cause serious issues that were a PITA. So glad those days are over lol.

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Yes, that is absolutely true. That is why I stick to Linux.

I was complaining about BSD.
Running a desktop environment in BSD was not a very user friendly experience :frowning:


Somebody in the LTT chat was asking when we were gonna get laptops with BSD on them. My first reaction was, nope, no thank you, I am sticking to Linux.

And....Apparently, I am sticking to my chair too....No seriously I can't move. Who duct taped my butt to this chair? Was it you DasJDoom, who pulled this prank? The duct tape was black, matched color of the chair, double sided taped, to insure, I'd stick. Why I auda!


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That is true my HP Envy ECO working with Zorin without problem. Find them with wifi. In win always some problems.

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