Linux vs. Windows

I am smiling when someone calling to me and sayed is administrator windows server and i am hacked.
Lol then I answear i have a linux. They sayed they know my IP and MAC address. Ok when I asking what IP i have and what version operating system is they answear win10 and cannot answear what is my IP. I don't know who selling my number mobile if this card isn't registered. The whole system internet is very poor. Here example

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I got a kick out of this line:

Then some people wanted better software support. So they made Ubuntu Studio. Others wanted yet a different interface, so they made Mint. Another liked everything, but wanted nicer colors on interface so they made ZorinOS.

Reading that Quora linked to this:

(slightly truncated)

It’s because using a commandline interface makes it easy to describe the solution. Don’t forget, someone had to write the solution. Describing a bunch of menus and dialogs to click is difficult and takes space and time to create. Passing you a few lines of text that you can simply copy & paste into a shell session is completely simple for the writer and for you. And it reduces the likelihood that you will (mess) it up by clicking something you shouldn’t have, or that you don’t have the right/same GUI tool. Linux instructions are invariably written by people who write programs. Those people are good at what they do in part because they are notoriously lazy. They know what is the easiest way to get stuff done. Do what you’re told, and you’ll benefit. Just do.
Why are Linux newbies so afraid of text?

Why is many distribution? Because this is some race road where people want to showing experience and showing new age linux. Someone people liked old school distributions another liked a experience with new like a Gnome. Some distribution want to be a corporate don't interesting users voice. Everyone can choose where want to go. If someone have a good observation it will be a good journey experience.

Just to add another Spanner in the works - there was a group setup to monitor Outlook's shenanigans as it is not a real mail client - the only true mail client was Pegasus Mail as Outlook has too much of Word embedded into it.
And an article that says Windows Mail is better than Outlook!

Pegasus i reading was a some spy application or something.

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That's something totally different.

Pegasus was and is an email client. If you google Pegasus email you will get the website for it.


Ubuntu Unity Remix. What kind old distribution is it before gnome alive.?

12 years

If someone interesting create own win10