Lock/login screen questions

How do I enable tap to click on the lock screen?
Is it possible to change the GTK theme to a dark one?
And how can I change the Lock screen wallpaper?

Are you using Zorin OS Core or Zorin OD Lite?
If using:
Pro, Pro lite, Education or Education Lite, just consider Pro or Education to be same as Core.
If you click the User Icon for your profile on the Upper Right of the forum screen, then preferences > Profile , you will see an option for editions. Here, you can set your Zorin OS edition in your forum profile so that you are not asked or have to relay it every time you make a thread.

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Sorry, I am using Zorin OS 16.1 Core. And thank you, I just added it there.

Also, I meant Login Screen here, rather than the lock screen.

If you use the search option and look for "Login Screen" , you will find several topics, perhaps one of them can be of use.

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I do not understand this question... On the lock or login screen, do you mean using Touch Screen tap?

Absolutely. Zorin OS comes with dark themes included. You can use "Zorin Appearance" to change the accent colors or you can hit the "Other" button and choose a Zorin Dark theme directly by name.
You can also install any custom dark theme and then enable it under "other" in Zorin Appearance, as well.

As @dasjdoom pointed out, this is an often asked question and there was a very recent thread that also added more tips.
I am flying by the machine at the moment and not sticking around long enough to search...


I apologize for the lack of polish in the questions, I was on the phone when I asked them.

I meant it enabling tap to click on the Login screen, as clicking on my touchpad on my laptop has stopped working.

Searching for it on the forum has lead me to this response which I believe will solve the problem. I can't log out right now but will double check later.

Sorry again, I thought it was implied I meant on the Login screen. A good opportunity for me to learn to be more clear on my questions.
Searching for this in the forum hasn't returned many useful threads. One pertaining to XFCE and another that seems unanswered

Lastly, for the wallpaper, I did manage to find a couple relevant threads that indeed may be exactly what I am looking for. I will try them later as they are more complex than the replacing of an img file that I imagined it would be.

Here is the recent post I mentioned above:

I agree that searching the forum is the best starting point.
I also agree that the search function leaves something to be desired... I struggle with it, too. Finding that thread above meant I did not use the search function... but instead, scrolled through all threads in the date range of when my memory said it was posted.

There is another thread that another user posted about using Dark Themes for GDM...

Can you check if you have either of these packages installed:

Yes, both of them are installed. (Do you know of a better way to check it? I usually do apt list | grep <query>)
I think the issue is a hardware one. I dropped the laptop once and had to have the screen replaced. I believe it must have affected the touchpad click as well, but since I never use it (apart from login screens sometimes), I didn't noticed it then and never got it fixed.

Thanks, that is also the link I found. I will look into it.

Regarding the GDM. I will try to find the post you mention when I have the chance, as I likely missed it .
A side question though. Core uses GDM and Lite LightDM? I see those names popping up and it gets me confused. I also plan to, at some point, get pictures from a folder in rotation as a screensaver with something like xscreensaver or something else that works with Wayland. I remember I got it to work on my previous install in X11 at least, but locking happened with some ugly lock screen. I haven't bothered with it again.

In this case, let's try eliminating that possibility, first. :wink:

I linked it in the post above.

GDM, SDDM and LightDM are all DM's - Display Managers. They handle many aspects, not just the login screen. But the login screen is handled primarily by the display manager.
GDM is Gnome Display Manager.
LightDM is used by XFCE. I use it on whichever desktop I use, as I prefer its functionality and features. I find it more reliable than GDM.
SDDM is Simple Desktop Display Manager and like LightDM, independently developed. It is similar in appearance to GDM, though it is more configurable or more easily configured.

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You could also try gnome tweaks that will allow you to change login screen background (i believe... it's been a while since I've been on gnome). Check the tutorials and guides section, top x+1 things to do after installing zorin.

Yes, that one I did see. Very helpful. Thank you.

This is the post I meant I would look for. I use Zorin Dark Green theme, and I would like to have that in the Login screen as well.

Thanks for the clarification on the Display managers, that knowledge will come handy when I try to set up xscreensaver again, or another alternative that works on Wayland.

Gnome tweaks has been VERY glitchy on Zorin since the shift from 15 to 16. I have reported issues since the beta, so I believe the Zorin team knows to some extent about it. Now it just works if in full screen for some reason.

Regardless, Gnome Tweaks allows users to change the Lock Screen wallpaper, rather than the Login wallpaper. I believe the link Aravisian shared will do the trick once I try it. Thanks for your comment though.

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