Lock Screen feel Bit slow and Buggy

So, recently i had a issue that while my laptop on sleep and then i turned it on my WiFi was disconnected Not showing WiFi and air plane mode and Bluetooth was turned on. Found out it was a bug with ubuntu 18.0 but why it's still on 20.0. Didn't know what to do so i mailed Zorin support and didn't get any response so i reinstall it.

Things i notice before and after reinstall is that while locked to unlock is animation is laggy. Searching apps is slow.

*OS is installed on SSD

@asr Not a good idea to post your email address on a public forum. It can be harvested and you could be bombarded with spam or worse.


Have you checked /var/logs and Xsession.errors?

I haven't post. I mailed Zorin Support

Can you please explain me with more details :sweat_smile:

I should have said do not display email address in your forum profile for all to see.

Please check the directory: /var/logs/

In your home directory should be a file named .Xsession.errors
If you do not see any files with the . in front of the name, tap ctrl+h

Thanks :blush:

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/var/logs: No such file or directory

Sorry, /var/log/

No there's no file in this name.

Anything in the /var/log directory?

xorg errors or kernel logs?

Found this. how can i open it???

Right click and open with text editor (you may just have to double click since that may be the default application).

@Aravisian remember this when i posted this exact same thing back in august-september ?

It's a gnome issue, tried zorin os, manjaro and pop os and the lockscreens annimation is a bit slow in all 3 using gnome.


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