Login loop after laptop boot

Laptop working fine yesterday. Now won’t boot properly. Boots to a log in screen with starlabs wallpaper with my name. Typed in password but it does not give any error message but goes straight back to the same screen asking for log in. I can boot via USB to a Mint Desktop. My only option that appears to me now is to reinstall Zorin but will loose all data. Help if you can.

If as last resort you end up reinstalling Zorin, remember that you can preserve your /home partition intact by NOT choosing to format that partition.
You will loose all the additional apps and settings you made though.
I will do some searching to see if I can find anything that may help you avoid that outcome and report back.

Found this so far


First answer (11 votes) interesting, as I remember you having gmail issues 3 days ago.

@JI070577 I have changed the title of the thread to better describe the problem and attract more attention. Hope you don’t mind.

I believe you are running Z15.3 Core, am I correct?

Yes. I am on my old back up laptop running Elementary OS.

FYI. Just noticed there is a troubleshooting section on Login Loop on page 181 of @swarfendor437 's unofficial manual for Zorin15. Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15

@zabadabadoo Sadly now all I get is the starlabs logo on boot, then zorin and then a blank screen and fiddly squat. Using a mint live USB I’ve got all my data on to Google Drive and getting ready to fresh install Mint Cinnamon. So maybe leaving the forum.

Can you try this Removed gnome shell to get in?
I believe it is F3 for me to get the terminal and then you can use startx but you may have anywhere from F1-F6.

Thank you all for your help over the last 6 months but my wife finally twisted my arm enough to go to Linux Mint 20, so I have left Zorin. I can stay if you want and help with some of my experience and knowledge.

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Sorry to see you go. If you feel like and if you have some free time then it would be nice to still have your expertise on the forum. Whatever you’re up to sparing.
I can understand your situation - I’m also my wife’s ‘IT-guy’. Thankfully she loves Zorin.

Happy to hang around and help.