Logo Suggestion

I do not know the views of others, but the minor issue about the project for me is the zorin logo..

A hexagon is being forced into a Z, and so is losing the aesthetic symmetry. Not acceptable for a distro SOOO good! The current logo isn't doing any aesthetic favours when used as a menu icon to the rest of the sublime interface.

I completely understand that branding is difficult to change. Even windows has been changing the start icon with every version of Windows, thus it is a viable change.

My suggestion is using a Simple and Minimal icon like Ulite. I have created a proposal myself, for explaining my general idea. (I'm an amateur designer, this is nowhere usable)

Hope the devs think about the suggestion :slight_smile:


What if I admit that I do not like your logo sample? :wink:

When it comes to aesthetics... There is a large and wide range of what is acceptable or not. The beauty of Linux, unlike Windows, is how easy it is to customize to your own aesthetics.
Well... mostly.
Gnome is doing everything it can to kill it but...
As it is now you can easily change the icon.


I don't like mine either, so it is understandable.. haha

This is purely a suggestion for the people at zorin, they've changed the logo before too, so I just wanted to suggest a direction for the next change (if any).

Also, could you tell how to contact the developers, more directly?

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Yeah, that person's icons are great!

So I feel most of the people wish the logo to be modernised a bit more, and that's all I'm suggesting. (for the future releases)

I think running a Poll to gather statistics may carry more weight.
If you would like to earn a badge, you can also get a tutorial on how to make a poll:

I like the logo just they way it is currently! Bells and whistles aren't huge with me. It's kind of like a sleeper car....doesn't look very fancy but is nice. But under the hood it BLOWS everything away. Under the hood ZORIN is where the POWER and Production come from. Sometime there is something to being Simple and Powerful without showing off. :wink:


Yeah i don't see it . I really like the current logo. It's clean and simple without looking derivative.


I do like the current logo, but if they have to change it, it should be Z like in Zorro do it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The Z in a hexagon is not the most attractive logo, but is clean, clear and quickly recognisable. I see too many corporates changing their logo's (or even their names) to be "fashionable" at great cost. Sometimes change is so subtle that you can't see the difference e.g. new BBC logo.

It is good to discuss this sort of thing as feedback on the forum. However, I think Zorin Bros have more important things to do at this time.

I am thinking: If it aint broke don't fix it.


True! I don't get it...What's changed?

You have to see the old and the new side-by-side to really see the difference. This news item includess that:


Same here sadly :woozy_face:. I like the current one as it is right now.


Where do you see a "Z" in this logo :zorin: ?
I only see 4 blue triangles/rectangles...


Young Lady or An Old Hag ?


And this is what a logo is supposed to be.

I don't see anything wrong their logo. And has already been stated if you don't like it, you can change it for something else though Gnome makes it as difficult as they possibly can.

It took me 15 minutes to identify the old hag!!


It is because you have more passion towards young lady than towards old hag :crazy_face:


Someone with to much money and time on their hands... they have made silly changes thru the entire time if you look at them over the last 70 years

ITV/ATV the same


I seem to be one of the only ones to really like your logo suggestion!

I think Zorin is by far the most beautify desktop, and that is one of the reasons I switches to this distro.
I really like how beautifull, moderns and minimal everything look, but I feel the current logo doesn't match this style.
To me it looks 90s. Everything had nice rounded corners but the logo is sharp and aggressive.