Losing Bluetooth on Low Battery with TLP

Hi All!

Is installed ZorinOS 16 yesterday, so far good vibes. But, I have a Yoga 530, so I have to use tlp to keep my battery alive. I managed to set it up and the threshold settings seem to be working fine: my battery is not getting charged at e.g. 70%, while conservation is enabled, as it is using 60% as a threshold.

However, I have a problem. As far as I boot the system in AC mode, charger plugged in, Bluetooth is working, my USB mouse is working, but when I unplug the charger, tlp goes into "battery" mode and Bluetooth and USB ports are gone dead.
Does anybody had the same experience or any kind of solution you might have found? Thanks!

Hi cefre00, welcome to the forum.

Your usb bus may not support power management. If you open the tlpui you can adjust the power management of usb on the usb tab on the left. turn off or uncheck the USB_AUTOSUSPEND (I would do both). This disables usb power options. You can check the radio and radio devices for bluetooth mentions, then disable those, or disable the entire radio option (since wifi and bluetooth are normally on the same card).

Hey, thank you for getting back to me! So, eventually I managed to fix this, not ideal, but still better then nothing. The solution was to switch off the RUNTIME_PM_ON_BAT option, which seems to be preventing tlp to switch certain things off as part of "power management", like USB buses and Bluetooth.
Now, if I pull out the charger, I still have working Bluetooth and USB. :slight_smile:


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