Lots of issues with google drive, moving files around, searching & streaming files via google drive sync, with gnome "online accounts"

Lots of lagging, severe latency & daily crashing, I've tried Nautilus & Nemo. Nautilus works better it appears than Nemo file manager though for some reason when accessing gDrive. None of this happened with google drive's own .exe software in Windows 7. It worked fast & wonderful, I rarely used gDrive's browser version, I only used the streamed mounted drive version on windows, it had many more benefits. Is there a way I can tell gnome my personal "Google API Client ID & Client Secret Code" to make it faster?

Nautilus is also often not responding merely when I cut & paste around 10 small files from my SSD to the google drive. See screenshot, also last photo is screenshot of my CPU, RAM & temperature gauges.




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I haven't this problem, I log in with my Google account only on Firefox, I don't want Google on my laptop, my account only on the browser is enough. I wonder what's using up so much RAM…

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@Luca_Pavan , thank you, what was taking up so much RAM? not sure, but i did have a few tabs open in thorium browser, etc.

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This can explain the general pc lag, knowing my pc limits and low specs I never open too much stuff, this would mean self-sabotaging :rofl:.


@Luca_Pavan , using google drive in ur browser is very limiting & has disadvantages, lots of disadvantages compared to using a file manager, with windows OS file manager.

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It sounds like you keep expecting Zorin to be Windows. It never will be. Linux is Linux. While it shares some similarities to Windows, everything is implemented because it's a completely different Operating System. Windows is a proprietary system, complete with millions of dollars thrown into it, teams of people developing it. Zorin is based on a free kernel, developed by individuals when they have the time, assembled by two developers. The similarities stop at the look. Everything is different. It will never be Windows.

Comparing them is fruitless because they are different, other than being OSs. I liked the Comadore OS. It was clean and efficient. But I didn't expect Windows to be Comadore. Likewise, you should not expect Linux to be Windows. It will take time to learn about it. You will run into problems, more if you are trying to get Linux to perform as Windows. It doesn't, never will. It will have some of the same features, but they are not as polished and tested on every combination of hardware.

You should decide what is best for you and what you want. If Linux isn't your thing, there is no shame in returning to Windows. Getting things ironed out will actually help you learn about Linux, if you take the time. Of course this is and always will be up to you, your preferences and determination.


Some of the issues with Google Drive on Linux stem from what @337harvey touched on above.
Google has Proprietary code and while working with a Trillion Dollar company like Microsoft can make it easy... On Free Open Source, proprietary gets a lot more tricky.


Thanks for the comments. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think most of what you describe is solvable. I am just inexperienced with Google Drive in general - much less using it on Nautilus - which is also a file manager I do not use.
Love having my options.

But others have and it has come up before and been solved before on this Forum. Have any forum searches yielded any help?

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I have my credentials set in Zorin settings (gnome) accounts. I have nautilus and Nemo (prefer and use Nemo). The gdrive is linked like a folder on an external disk drive. I copy from and to it without issue. I did not, nor do I prefer to have sync enabled. The only lag I see is based on the use of the network at the time. If you're machine doesn't have priority on the network, it is provided access according to the rules defined in the router. Usually streaming services have priority over web pages and file transfers (even local).

As you never really define your issue but rather compare the experience with windows, this is about all that can be shared to assist you.

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Perhaps a good (see better) alternative for clouding and full Linux compatible, you should try https://mega.nz/


@337harvey , @Aravisian , @Storm,thanks for the comments. Maybe I should use a cloud service that actually is designed for use with linux. idk. I will last resort contact google, cuz they provide customer support.

If you choose Mega there's 2 .deb files to download, the app itself and the second is nautilus extension of mega, like right click to upload in menu etc.

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@Storm , @337harvey , @Aravisian ,I have yet to even encrypt all my cloud data, which i need to do, in addition to finding a good cloud service too.
My main goal is to find a client side encryption service, not sure if mega allows me to store my keys on my own, or I must store my keys on their server.
Lastly, my goal is to find a way to client side encrypt everything, but also be able to seamlessly stream large videos, FLAC songs, and very large pdf's(high quality scans can go upwards of 300mb).

You can try rclone, it can connect your google drive to a folder on your pc, just like online accounts. Or if you want to have the files both on google drive and your pc, FreeFileSync can connect to google drive, then you can sync your data with it between your pc and the drive folder.

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@Lui04 , thanks! And i tried rclone, but had issues :frowning: (LINK)

Also never even heard of FreeFileSync, will check it out! :slight_smile:

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