MAC Os themes?

Apparently it comes with the Ultimate version, I cannot find where to actually load it up?

Can someone hep with this please?

Under Zorin Appearance, go to the Layouts tab.

Thanks, but that is pretty unclear, to me anyway :slight_smile: it's why I's not listed under themes? I'd like to get the MAC OS icons and the other desktop setup...if that's all it is I could have got that with Docky!

As I understand it; Zorin Ultimate offers a MacOS Style Layout. But that is not the same as offering a Clone-Theme.
Even though Mac and Linux are both Unix-like, Mac is far more proprietary. If you take my meaning.
But you can download user-created Mac OS icon sets:

And user-created Mac OS themes

Perhaps a User of Ultimate (Gnome) will be able to help you better than I can. When I used Ultiamte, I used the Lite (XFCE) variant.
I have never used a Mac so never felt drawn toward the themes.

And i'd also like to add apps to the dock as well as getting the MAC os look I cannot find how to do that either...I thought it'd be as simple as just drag and drop, but it ain't haha!

I believe you can right click an app from the app menu and select "Pin to dock" or "add to Panel".

ok cool thanks I'll check out those links, haha, I sorta wasn't expecting to have to do much of this stuff as it's a paid for distro, it is what it is I guess :slight_smile:

I tried that, nope nothing comes up...

Okay so first link, asks for a Gnome Tweak Tool? Where is that? -far out! This is EXACTLY what I was hoping to avoid by buying an OS....I could do all this stuff on the other free OS's but as a noob to linux it was a P.I.T.A.

For Gnome-tweak tool:
Open terminal and enter:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

It may be easier on Zorin OS Ultimate than I am familiar with as a person who has personally never used that feature.

Thanks, yeah I get that I still appreciate the help! It's calling for all these things that are simply not there...very misleading by the OS Dev!!

So now it's asking for a Themes folder that does not exist! I think I'll put this down to a learning exercise for buying Linux OS's and just go back to something else!

Not half hour into this and it's already creating a headache!!

When it calls for a folder that does not exist- you need only create it.
Right click in your home directory, select "new Folder" and name it .themes to create it. You need that dot at the beginning.
That is all there is to it.
While you are at it, create one for the icons, too:

Those are not necessary- only suggestions. You can also place your theme file or your icon set file into /usr/share/themes or /usr/share/iconsand it will work just the same (and system-wide, at that.)
It is understandable that such could be confusing. But FOSS and Linux area all about User Control and the decisions and actions being under the users control, not the OS. Unlike Windows, it will not automatically register and create things for you- things that do things other than what you want them to do - but that lack of automation also means that you are in control, rather than having to answer to the system.

Those first steps seem daunting when you are uncertain of what to do. That is why we on the forum are here- To step along beside you and help get you going.
But let's be honest- Creating a new folder is not headache inducing. Not knowing what do do may be, however...

I make my own themes and my own icon sets - so for me, customization is like second nature.
It is easier to forget that time when I first moved over to Zorin and had to learn all this stuff- and had no idea what to do or how to do it.:wink:

Thanks - I guess the concern is I create those folders and then gnoem Tweaks then cannot find them ....gnome tweaks just says load the themers folder...

I guess becasue when using the Appearance tab all those themes there do not seem to come from a "Themes" folder....that;s why it's getting confusing

I also do not use Gnome precisely because of such things... :expressionless:
However, I believe that when Gnome-Tweaks is not seeing a newly created folder or theme, you need to close out Gnome-tweaks and then re-launch it.

As a further question, when I install something like Gnome Tweaks, where does it go to? It does not appear on the Start menu and does nto come up in Search either. It's there, as I have opened it...but not in those places.

Ah... it really should appear in the menu after installation. Perhaps log out and in?
You are correct- that is supposed to appear in the app menu and should come up with the search, too.

Yep, already logged out an in...I might just go back to Elementary OS and tweak it, it seems it'll be as much work and it LOOKS like MAC out of the box!

Right, how do I add a folder to the usr/shared/themes - it seems that's where it is, thanks for the tip earlier! But the paste is greyed out so I am assuming I nned ot be root to access it....other OS's gave a right click option to open as root.

Yes, /usr is in Root. You can mv from terminal or, if you prefer gui, run in terminal:

sudo -i

Then enter in


to launch the file manager as root. From there, you can navigate to your extracted theme, (Probably in /home/$USER/Downloads ) and copy it, then navigate upward to /usr/share/themes and right click and paste it.

haha that threw up yet another error message :

oops something went wrong Unable to create a required folder. Please create the following folder or set permissions such that it can be created. /root/.config/nautilus