Manjaro Cinnamon ditching Firefox for Vivaldi

I know this is not about ZorinOs but I just want to see your opinions. I've looking at Manjaro Forums for the past couple of days to see what people think about Manjaro ditching Firefox for Vivaldi.

There were of course a lot of people who agree and disagree with the idea. Personally, I think it's Vivaldi is a great browser, and the feature may or not increase your productivity. Firefox is also a great browser, it is the last major browser not based on Chromium.

The only downside I can think of Vivaldi is that it's not Open Source. I personally never used Firefox for an extended period of time, so I don't really know.

Vivaldi is a great browser for those who care about privacy, productivity and features. Firefox is for those who believe we should have another browser engine and not have everything based off of Chromium.

I think people are exaggerating, it's not that big of a deal in my opinion. It's just a browser! This is just my opinion, please tell me what you think :grin:

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I loved Vivaldi. It offered a lot of great user features and a lot of great Customization options.

But I ended up ditching Vivaldi due to constant "Vivaldi-bin" overlaoding all CPU processes and the Vivaldi Forum denying it was happening at all.
At one point, vivaldi-bin overtook all processes until the computer crashed, resulting in an irrecoverable error and a Reinstallation of Zorin OS.
I wiped all traces of Vivaldi off every computer in the house.
And no one complained when I did.


Hi Kedric, thanks for this news.
It is important keep our eyes outside Zorin world. And you are a great informer :male_detective:

In fact, RaspberryPi OS has been using Chromium as a default browser. I think there are other distros which do not use Firefox as a default for whatever the reason.

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I use Vivaldi exclusively in my VM Windows.
It helps me to have a different identity for each OS since I do not want to mix up Windows user entity and Linux user entity.

I still use other distros and even test them. Manjaro Cinnamon is basically um… Manjaro but Cinnamon. I follow the forums of other distros because it's interesting.

This caught my eye tho, so many people with so many opinions in one thread, it is on top and really booming on the Manjaro Forums recently.

Vivaldi is one of my top browsers, but it is very slow and really eats resources. Vivaldi consumes my CPU. Opening Vivaldi is like waiting for my computer to boot up.


The curious thing is that Vivaldi is not that slow in my VM Windows. But I am comparing it with MS Edge - not much of a competition.

I do not want to install Firefox in my VM Windows for the aforementioned reason.

Benchmarked them, MS Edge is way faster. Maybe is just a difference in hardware.

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I think VM and bare-metal settings are different kettle of fish. Everything is virtualised there including the hardware.

Which benchmark software you use in Windows?

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I don't, u really don't need it. Benchmark software are bad at simulating day to day task. I just use my own experience and a timer. You can really tell the difference.


Ah, you are right.
I just need a stopwatch!

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thinking of trying BRAVE Browser, but dont think ive ever seen it as a default on any linux distros. ANY thoughts

Brave is billed as privacy focused and "For the User". And when that happens, I usually get a little alarm in my head. When something is saying "trust me" while it is selectively Target Market Advertising at me... I get an impetus to do the exact opposite.
I think it is in part due to Brave Browser selectively targeting you with ads. If you turn that off in your settings, it targets you with stock Crypto Currency ads.
Brave Browser includes a disclaimer that if you make a donation to someone else, like a pateon account or youtuber through the brave browser, they can just choose to keep that money instead of sending it to the person you donated it to.
And... They do keep it.
When a youtuber Tom Scott raised public outcry over this, they amended the disclaimer (a few times) and made the BAT feature "opt in / opt out" but like devious marketing ploys - you must know to look for it and know to opt out of the default Opt In. Sneaky.
I don't like Sneaky.
And I don't forgive a Thief.

I will never use Brave Browser.


Ah, that is interesting.
That was exactly what my husband told me after testing it out for a couple of days.


I don't like the philosophy of Brave. BAT tokens is not a very good idea in my opinion. I think I won't use it because nothing is special about it.

I actually hate it on Linux. It just doesn't integrate well on Linux. Brave just doesn't appeal to me, it's just a browser with an ad blocker installed.

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I will keep Firefox as my main browser (in lack of better). Tried Vivaldi, then ditched it.
I still think Zorin OS should come with Lynx as default :stuck_out_tongue:

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With the option to upgrade to Browsh.

We should start a petition.

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It would be a killer for ex-windows users :smiley:

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Isn't Lynx a CLI browser?

Scroll down to the screenshot.

Which also reminds me of weather focust in terminal command:

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I think including Lynx is not a good idea, most users won't even touch it, and it will just be bloat.