Manjaro Cinnamon ditching Firefox for Vivaldi

Never used Epiphany aka Gnome Web, maybe I might try it

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In Windows, I use Vivaldi, Brave, but most of the time, I use Firefox. In GNU/Linux, I use mostly LibreWolf (Firefox fork), but also Firefox.

Vivaldi is sort of the resurgence of old Opera, pre-Chromium. I was a big user of it, back in the day. It's big on configuration choices and features, for a non open code browser. It does have some proximity with Google services, which might not be so to the liking of some. I never noticed (more) problems with resources in Vivaldi than any other common use browser. I never used it in Linux, though.

Brave is a nice browser, open source and without some of the bloat of Chromium. In private mode, it uses the Tor network. I always used it with rewards and any other stuff in starting page deactivated, so I can't talk about that.

Firefox is my favorite browser and it's not Chromium based, as a plus. Librewolf is just about the same as Firefox, but with some privacy tweaks. I also tweak Firefox, so both of them end up being similar. I use these settings:

thanks Aravisian
Think i will stick to firefox for now.

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