Manually install Nvidia on Zorin OS 16

Hi all, years ago i used mint 17 and followed a tutorial to manually install nvidia driver on the mint 17 installation. Is there a tutorial that i can do this my self on zorin os ?

I have read this guide, will this work with zorin ?

Is the Desktop Manager the same or does zorin use a different one ?

NVidia should be detected automatically and you can enable a proprietary driver under "Additional Drivers" section.
No manual installation required.

I know but i want to install the latest drivers from their site. To test how it works under linux zorin and if it has the same way of installation as linux mint 17

This might help.

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Thank but if i am not wrong that is not a step to step guide on how to install the drivers from

I found this one

Based on ubuntu 21.04, the uefi part is new to me. I did install nvidia drivers in the past on mint 17/17.1

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Hi, thanks to write up this great tutorial :slight_smile:
If it is OK with you, I would like to promote it in the tutorial section so that other forum members can benefit from it.

Sure go ahead :smiley:

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