Merry Christmas Zorin Users! Zorin OS 16 LITE Is Now Released! 🎄

Thanks man, great surprise,

Yes I resend my e-mail to get a link download.
One hour to download ISO lol.



Well, StarTreker I must say that is good new perhaps too many of us, but I use Gnome so I don't wanna bust you party. Have downloaded the iso (not the pro version) and booted it straight from my SSD. I looks good but with XFCE I'm totally lost in the woods.

Don't think its gonna happen, I will stay save and sound in my familiar surroundings, Gnome that is.

Now you can use the 1TB WD black nvme to go to work. I recently replaced my 500GB with a samsung 1TB so I do share your excitement.

And do show us some screens when you have installed and are ready to use XFCE.


Ohhhhhh, is it screens you want? Well, for I have provided the motherload of screens. But you better get a cup of coffee, or two, or three, cause its gonna be awhile. My experience is like a book, full of adventure, a real rollercoaster. The good, the bad, and the ugly, in XFCE lol.


Me too. I'll stay on Gnome with my main Dell XPS 13-9343 laptop. I might reinstall 16 Pro Lite on my antiquated Lenovo x61 laptop just for fun.


Why on Zorin lite pro on login screen I can choose between Xfce and Zorin lite login session ?

Any difference ?

No... there actually isn't any difference at all.
I've checked this every which way.

Essentially, there could be a difference if they were set up differently, but the Session is the same as the Zorin Lite Desktop, so there is no difference.


Ok , thanks for the info.

I logged in both ofc and they are the same :grinning:

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Mark you rebel you, your pushing the boundries. Your like, I don't give a darn, I am gonna jump off this bridge, if there's a float to catch me, great, if its boulders at the bottom, well, its been fun. lol


The diffrents Lite an Pro in apperance you get two more GUI what not exist in Lite. I wondering Zorin Lite is 2.4GB and Pro is 4.9GB
Zorin xfce mostly is build with flathub. When you closed a Zorin xfce have more settings.
So they are diffrence. The creators know better what are diffrence between them two. Maybe someone want trying a comparison?

I noticed that. But I'm not going to complain. Think about it. If you only had 1 layout, that would suck right? But instead you have 6 with PRO, that's more then enough.

Beyond that, you can theme it further. Do you see up above where I themed the OS with Aravisian's delicious :yum: themes, and installed the Whisker Menu?

Also, I changed Whisker Menu to Zorin icon, so that I didn't have to sacrifice that. Aravisian would like to guide me on installing terminal customization next.

I forgot to post screenshot of my transparent terminal I changed to. But I'm going to bed and need sleep. And you guys have already seen that before transparent terminal.

It is big diffrence about xfce and gnome Zorin? I wondering it is good for people who working and creating experience,themes and etc. Because the double system with diffrent gui? Then maybe now can downgrade gnome to xfce or install gui xfce and another things will be working. This is lilke choice small icecream wirh big icecream in restaurant from menu? XFCE i saw is more configurable and eating lower ram. My pc soon is older not younger. Ordered some simple Pc parts build.

XFCE is a different desktop and not a downgrade.

I could just as easily say "downgrade" XFCE to Gnome and it would still make no sense. XFCE is not an earlier version of Gnome.


It is to cold here and need a time to prepare for installation xfce.

Xfce over Gnome always :slight_smile:


Weather XFCE is an upgrade or downgrade, depends on how it runs on ones computer. For me, in certain areas, its a clear downgrade.

To not complicate fresh installation i get. Diffrence xfce are more configurable desktop.

The things that I like about XFCE, is that it performs like a race car. And it does all of that, while using less resources from the system, less RAM usage for example. And yes, XFCE is more customizable, as we all know.

However, what I don't like, is how its broken everywhere else for me. So, as much as I like the good parts about it, I have to be honest about the bad parts. Of course, I know all too well, that everybodies experience is going to be different.

This is because everybody is rocking different computer's different hardware. So ones person's experience, won't necessarily be another's. I know that you have had a lot of issues in the past on here, its been well documented by you.

I am hoping, that you have a smoother experience then I, with Zorin OS Pro LITE.

I get on Zorin OS Pro LITE black screen when using some time. With Gnome don't have that.
Don't know what it could be. I understand if I will a playing some games on that but only using a webbrowser.
Unstable > problematic > cannot use > another word annoying.
Computers are complicated. How many type case pc,power supplies.processors and etc.