Microphone not showing from my bluetooth headphones

Hi, I have a problem with the mic not showing/working from my bloothoot headset.

I have an HP elitebook 840-G6 with Zorin core 15.3 updated. I tested with two different Bluetooth headphones Sony WH-1000M3 and Samsung galaxy buds+
On both the audio works grat but I cant use the microphone for calls.
I have to use Microsoft Teams for work.
Can someone help me solve this problem. Thanks!

Searching the web on those yields little in the way of solutions, but much in the way of frustration. For example this reddit here:

Hey, I've had to work quite a bit to make it work and let me tell you... it's not worth it. The only way to describe it is that the quality is (bad). But here's what I did, if you want to try.
I use Ubuntu and I've found that Galaxy Buds+ are not compatible with HSP (HandSet Profile) but they are compatible with HFP (Hands Free Profile). So, to make that work I've found this in PulseAudio documentation (PulseAudio is the default sound system in Ubuntu):

The post then gives a detailed walkthrough on what he did to get them to work.

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I think I will need to wait for better Bluetooth support in Linux. Instead of trying the procedure described in the Reddit post will probably use an external mic because I need it to be reliable and have good quality.
Don’t want to give up and go back to windows yet :slight_smile:

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