Migracion de Zorin OS 15.3 a Zorin OS 16 es posible?

Hello everyone, you can migrate from Zorin 15.3 64 bits if so by terminal ... support and forums thanks.


Hi there, it seems is not possible at this point.

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I think this post is more relevant:

You can't update any Z15 to Z16 at the momement.


ok thank you very much, when the Zorin OS 16 version is released I will update the system, however OS Zorin 16 Beta is going great. It's a shame, if I already have the Zorin OS 15.3 purchase ticket ... how much is left for the official Zorin Os 16 version? :alarm_clock:

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Only the Ultimate version is for purchase.
All other versions (Lite, Core, and Education) are free of charge.

I read in other thread that there will be a discount for those who already purchased Zorin 15 Ultimate. But I have no idea what exactly this discount is.

Lots of people including myself purchase Ultimate version to support developers. In my opinion, even at its full price, Zorin worths every penny of its price tag.

Thanks for the comment, then I have to buy the official version of Zorin OS 16, with a discount when buying it, isn't it? When the official version of Zorin Os 16 comes out, thank you greetings.strong text

If you have already purchased Zorin 15 Ultimate (like myself), the answer is Yes.

If you have not bought Zorin 15 Ultimate yet, you could also wait for the official release of Zorin 16 and pay for Ultimate version if you decided to do so.

There is no in-place upgrade from Zorin 16 beta (which is a Core version) to Zorin 16 Ultimate. I am OK with doing another fresh install myself, but this is also something to be considered.

I've also read that there will be an in-place upgrade for Zorin 15 users later this year.


Thank you very much for your very detailed explanation, very good support, taking into account that if you update the latest version Os Zorin 16 from Zorin 15.3

A bit off-topic... But I would personally promote a Re-installation.
It seems such a chore before doing it. But usually, once you get in and do it, it goes faster and easier than feared.
Plus it allows a Fresh Clean start.

On the flipside, the direct-upgrade option already exists in Ubuntu and I have performed it several times. It takes several hours to complete and has confirmation dialogues throughout. You have to monitor it- for several hours. It is tricky because the Repositories you have added must be disabled and replaced and for some, there is no Next Release repo. Sussing those out and correcting them can be tedious and confusing.
Apps can break. And the process requires a steady net connection throughout that hours long ordeal.

I can see how some people may have done some tricky software installations that they prefer to not repeat. For this, they may think that a direct-upgrade will spare them. In my opinion, it merely replaces one ordeal with another. And carries new problems of its own.

None of us have experienced a Zorin OS version of this. While the Zorin Group is notorious for making tricky things easier on occasion; I admit that I do not see how even they can surmount these hurdles.

Approach the direct-upgrade with Caution and Research. But my advice is: grab the bull by the horns and do a re-installation of the next version.

The Zorin Group really must be more forthcoming about their Roadmap to next release. It is not unusual that a person chooses Ultimate only to learn that the next release is near due. Users are often frustrated by this and a more Open Roadmap would relieve much of that conflict.


Some software even gives free upgrade for people who purchase within a certain time frame previous to the release of the new version. A clear roadmap would make it easier for people to make a purchase decision.

This is exactly my opinion.
Clean installation is something like moving house. One will be amazed how much junks accumulate while using house/OS.

Saying that, I recently recreated a Windows VM I had been using for years. It was quite a shock to find a leftover from Windows XP software still existed in the Registry :astonished:


tank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good afternoon, thank you very much for the information, I have reinstalled the Zorin Os 15 ultimate purchase version, more stable regarding updates, a huge greeting to the entire Zorin Team :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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very god info

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Hello everyone for migration of OS Zorin 15 Ultimate to the V.16 you have to pay something?
thank you very much to all

@jotazul To change from Z15 Ultimate to Z16 Pro, you will have to pay a fee for the new version 16. After that all subsequent Z16.n point version updates are provided without further payment.
If you have recently puchased Z15.3 Ultimate not being aware of forthcoming Z16 Pro about to be released, then you may qualify for a discount off your Z16 Pro purchase.