Minder don't start (and flatseal too)

Hi. I've installed zorin os education on my daughter's laptop. I've tried to open Minder application but don't work. I uninstall it, remove the track, and reinstalled form flathub. but don't start again. I've tried to install flatsteam like somebody recommend, but flatsteam don't start too. How can I do? Thank you very much.

Did you check the SH256 checksum of the ZorinOS Education .iso download before proceeding to install it?
See this: Before you install

Have you tried Flatseal?

Have you tried using the Minder APT package instead of the Flatpak?
(I double checked that Minder is available in software store as a standard APT package before making this post.)

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I try with APT package and work. Yhank you very much!

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