Most Customizable Desktop Enviroment?

Using Zorin OS as a Linux distro, what is the better DE to use regarding customization such as changing the login screen, font colour and much more?

Gnome, KDE Plasma or something else?

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I use and prefer Cinnamon DE .... other folks like XFCE ..... all personal choices ....

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Ok but is it better than either Gnome or KDE?

I personally think it is for me or else I would use one of the others .... I have Gnome and XFCE also installed but I have room on my system to do so ......

Which is the best .... depends .... what I did was to install the others .... leaving Gnome installed also for back-up ..... then I chose the one I liked better then the rest .... you can install more than one if your system can handle it ...... then just choose the one you prefer ....

You see what I've been trying to do for the last 3 months is to relocate from Windows OS to Linux.

I'm still new to Linux so that's why I chose Zorin as my first distro.

I really want to customize Zorin as much as possible!

@Z_123 , I moved from Windows to Zorin OS Core (Gnome) and I honestly felt as stifled on it as I did Windows.
When I switched to Zorin OS Lite, all of that lifted. I finally felt free and in control of my own system and had the ability to customize all I wanted to.
I also tried Cinnamon on Zorin OS and it runs strong and smoothly.

Both are very customizable. I would however, give the edge to XFCE as it is slightly more customizable with less resource usage.
From what you say, I suspect you will be as happy about the change as I was.

I would actually not recommend KDE (Plasma desktop). It can be very customizable, but only within the boundaries that it allows you.


There's always something that crashes in KDE for me when I get the urge trying it out. It's very custumizable but crash prone.


Do you mean XFCE?
Typo in 2 froggy posts above?

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I currently have alot of bloatware from KDE after I had installed it before changing back to Gnome.

I Really don't want to waste too much time uninstalling things bit by bit and as I don't really have much data stored in it anyway, should I delete & reinstall Zorin OS?

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Thanks for pointing that out Zab ..... I changed my above posts to reflect the correct spelling ..... :+1: :grinning:

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Install Synaptic Package Manager

sudo apt install synaptic

Launch Synaptic, then in the Search field, search


Check all KDE packages listed as "Remove Completely".
Once finished, click apply

Search again for


Check any Breeze Themes for complete removal, then click apply.

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By the way KDE is the only DE that I know of that you have to uninstall that way .... all the others can just be uninstalled in the terminal ..... KDE just doesn't want to go away .....

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Hmm, well if that's the case, then will reinstalling Zorin OS be faster and better off timewise?

If you are comfortable with that option, it is totally fine to get a fresh clean start.

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Replacing reinstalling is no issue for me, however what is an issue is that I keep getting a brief error message after booting up and the Grub menu inconviently gets in the way.

Can you go into detail on this?

I have a video that show's the exact issue I'm having but I can't upload it here due to it not being a JPEG file...

How do I upload the video another way?

You can use Google Drive (Be sure to set the permissions) or

Is there any way that is free and not have to sign up for an account?

None that I know of. If they are going to host a video, they want some blood in return.