Moving icons in the taskbar of Zorin Os Lite 16

Could you please explain me how to modify the position of the favorites in the taskbar of Zorin Os Lite? I have tried to move the icons there and it has not been possible.
Thank you very much.

Shortcut click on the icon -> select "move"


hello alexadros, this all can be found when you click (left click) on the panel/taskbar and choose the preferences and go to the items tab. There you will find the possibility to add remove change or move the items.

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Thank you very much.

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Now that @dasjdoom has provided the solution, I would like to expand on it a bit.

On the Zorin OS Lite Panel:
Enter the Panel Preferences as outlined above. Move to the Items tab.
You will see two arrows on the Right Vertical Toolbar. These will move any selected item up or down on the list, same as the options shown on Zorin Cores Panel settings.
In addition to this, you can achieve greater effects with Separators.
Separators have a property that makes them very useful; They can push other items away. This is the expand option on the Separator Settings.
Add a separator to the panel, then select it by clicking it. Now, click the settings icon.
This opens a popover window that allows you to select or deselect expand and you can change the appearance of the separator from a visible line, transparent, Dots or a handle.
By choosing Expand and transparent, you can create an invisible force that pushes the items in the panel to where you want it to be - exactly. Using multiple separators can also achieve this effect; you can Place expanding separators on either side of an item and center that item between two other items or panel ends.
exploring and experimenting can lead you to interesting unique configurations of your own.


That is effectivley a mini Panel Tutorial. :+1:

No, not at all. It will work on Full Size panels, too.

(Ducks and runs before Zabadabadoo can catch him)

Ahhgh. Not mini-Panel of the Tutorial type, I meant mini-Tutorial of the Panel type.
Talk about "divided by a common language" :upside_down_face:

I needn't have run, since it appears you are a bit slow...:stuck_out_tongue:

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Weird. I am sure that line was not there when I posted. I thought you were being serious at the time. (Unlike me).

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Err... isn't it what happens when you simply place mouse cursor over favorite icon, press and hold left mouse button and simply drag the icon where you want it to be?

That's the way Frenchpress explained. The shortcut way.

Is there a difference how this works in OS and OS Lite? Then I was fooled :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, that's why Aravisian's explaining the principle of defining your own panel and items. See this ;

But I don't understand what you mean with "OS and OS LIte" , because these settings are for the XFCE panel (settings).

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