MT7630E wireless driver cannot make install: fatal error: linux/input-polldev.h: No such file or directory

Hello all!

I switched from Linux Mint to Zorin last week on my old piano (Asus TP500LN)
and everything was fine, but after two days I lost my wireless internet. I then decided to install MT7630E driver (git clone) but I get this error:
fatal error: linux/input-polldev.h: No such file or directory

Kernel in use: 5.15.0-60-generic

Two additional problems:

  • rfkill list does not give any output
  • I cannot get the networkmanager to restart with sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

I realize that compiling the driver is not going to work after reading this:

.. but I find it curious that for 2 days after the Zorin install the wifi did show up in networkmanager (wifi kept disconnecting, but at least it showed up).

Should I switch back to an older kernel, or .. Anyone an idea or a workaround to get the wifi back?

Do not downgrade ! That is a horrible idea lol.

-- Did you receive the Gnome Core 22 update on Zorin ? You can verify that in Softwarecentrum (click 'Installed' top bar-menu) and scroll down till you see something like this:
Schermafdruk van 2023-02-24 11-56-42

If so .... (what is in the normal updates foreseen). Upgrade the Kernel via the Mainline Method .... Do not use 6.2 as for now, but rather 6.1.12 .... install it and select it via the boot-Grub the new kernel.
See if this already works ......

If not add the repo of Jammy Jellyfish (Ubuntu 22.04 repo) and first purge the linux-firmware (mind good battery, and good power-supply !!! ) and do simple (with the repo active of 22.04 !) an apt install linux-firmware.
Reboot TWICE for testing the WiFi !!
READ THIS TOPIC FIRST --- before installing 6.1.12 kernel !!!

I have purged as well the Zorin Connect app --- it got some updates and menu entries I really did not like at all from Zorin (GSM settings).

I had a major problem after that update a few days ago. But eventually it worked out alright. Before the updates all was fine ...... Not shure if it is Zorin's updates that gone bad, or Gnome's.

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@belinda , please post the terminal output for

sudo lshw -C network

Also, do you have any means of connecting to the computer to the net such as hardline or hotspot?

I upgraded two days ago to 16.2 (kernel 5.12.067), that didn't help. Just this morning I saw your reply and purged the Zorin connect app. That on its own did the trick! :grinning:


I had problems with my ethernet as well, I had to R8168-DKMS to fix it. For my wifi, purging zorin connect did the trick.


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