Multiple partition confusion

Hello y'all.

I am downloading zorin lite and waiting for a usb to flash using etch droid. I am doing this on my android phone as I am unable to use a computer. Have had trouble since last 2 years whence win10 was installed. Now it's just not booting and 8fnit does hangs in like 4 mins.

So now after looking at options online have decided to try installing linux myself. Never have I done any of this before. Not even installed windows myself. My regular pc tech moved back to his hometown due to covid so I don't have any tech guy to reinstall windows 7. Couple of people we tried andbpaid for a PC repair in December installed win10 despite me telling to install 7. And it's not working since the start of the month.

I have c e f drives. Data is on e and f drives. C is just for os.

Plz can I get help to delete clean install zorin on c but not nuke all my data on e & f?

The options are to install along with win10 and erase drive for fresh install. They way it's worded sounds like it won't just clean out my c drive but the entire thing so I'd lose all the data in e and f too.

Please help.

Thanks meow

If you install Zorin on the Primary drive (C: Drive) then the E: and F: drives will be untouched.
Is this a Desktop PC or a Notebook computer?

This is a desktop computer

In that case, if you just want the peace of mind, you could disconnect the data drives during your installation.

Disconnect drives? No it's one single harddrive.

C e f are partitions.

That's why I am afraid of losing the data in e and f.

Thanks for replying quickly

Ah, I see. Even so, the Zorin OS installer looks to the Partition that you are installing on, not all of the partitions.
You can choose the "Something Else" option in the installer (again, for the peace of mind) to open the partition manager and ensure that the proper partition is the one being installed to.

That's great.

Could you maybe list steps in something else. also what browser is good for general internet browsing?

I think you may be better served with reviewing the guide that @337harvey wrote here:

That way, you have a wealth of information at your disposal, and others can step in and answer questions as needed.

This really comes entirely down to personal preference.
The reality is that when choosing a browsers, you really are choosing the same browser over and over, with a few different tweaks.
There are many browsers out there- all built on the same few: Chrome or Firefox.
Even Microsoft did away with Internet Explorer and switched to using Chrome- redecorated as Microsoft Edge.
Which they also made available on Linux.

Some like to use Epiphany Browser which is neither of the above, but a very bare bones and minimal browser for Linux Desktops.
Too minimal for my tastes...

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I'm not sure i understand what exactly you are looking for. You mention partitions, deleting the Zorin root partition (which can be done without affecting any other partitions, as long as you ensure they are unmounted when you delete it... should be fine since you have to do it through the live usb). You also mention internet browsing, which is no different from your phone or windows.

So people aren't confused, as I am currently, please maintain the forum standard of one topic per thread.

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