Multitasking is very bad in zorin

For Zorin OS I'm using 8gb RAM but in multitasking it's hanging or lagging. How to solve it and the applications are not starting quickly takes too much time than windows

We would need to know what programs are being run to try to figure out why the system is lagging. 8 gigs really should be fine.
Is it intense graphical applications like Blender? A lot of Web Based applications?

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Android Studio and Visual Studio code that's it bro. But for this itself it's lagging I cannot believe :face_with_monocle: :sweat: :exploding_head: I won't run Blender just it's installed that's it bro.

I Agree... at 8 gigs of RAM and running VSCode and Android SDK, it should be hopping fast.
Something is wrong.
This is also not the first odd-ball issue you have experienced. I know this suggestion will be an unhappy one but...
In such cases, a clean Fresh install often resolves all issues. Sussing out the exact cause may be like finding a needle in a haystack.


See the CPU and GPU bro and memory used

Which Nvidia driver are you using?

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Let's change that and see if it helps.

The Nvidia 470 Proprietary Tested name sure sounds stable, but isn't. The 470 Tested Driver has been giving a lot of people problems.

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Which I need to choose bro 460 or 450

Only you only replying bro no one else is there

You can try the 460 proprietary.


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