Rambling in the Brambles

I concur, the drivers that have TESTED in their name, have never worked for me or others. It has to only have PROPRIETARY in the name.

Also, I don't really like the way you worded your last statement. I read as, Aravisian is excellent, but others suck. Just so you know, I returned to the forum on August of this year, in all that time, I was providing all day tech support, every day, for a total of 3-months straight.

So much tech support, that I got burned out, its happened twice now. I used to have the Tech Support tag on till I took it off. So, I understand what you are saying but, please don't throw other folks under the bus.

Other then me, we also have the amazing FrenchPress, Storm, Harvey, Zaba, and SWARF. They are very helpful members and moderators here as well.



I'm new to Zorin Forum dude. You said FrenchPress, Storm, Harvey, Zaba, and SWARF but they didn't solve my problem Aravisian only solved the customer's problem so I have said like that. It's all Thinking That Matters from your side StarTreker. If you solve my problem I will say you also, that's it. :+1:t2: :blush: :wink:

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Just a FYI to ALL that help....Your willingness to help words can never give enough praise. If I wore a hat I would tip it to each of you. Free help that is reliable is hard to find, and to have it all in one place like OUR forum is amazing


Bubby is right. At the Zoringroup forum, it is a team effort.

And yes, Void is right, I wasn't here to answer his question in time before Aravisian. And, I am taking a bit of a break on Tech support, so operating at low levels one might say.


This is directly observed. Zabadabadoo with Sound; Frenchpress with language and printers; 337harvey with hardware, installation and dual booting; StarTreker with a mouth big enough to hold a whole watermelon... We all do our thing.
It is true that I try to reply often, given that with the linked network in home and shop, I can reply from pretty much any workstation and while doing all manner of other work which is... kinda creepy, really...
Some have thought I was a Forum Bot. Others probably think I am four hundred pounds and glued to a chair... None of which is even remotely accurate...
Though, I am up to 150lbs, now... I ain't getting any younger...


I have held the position of mod ... and admin on numerous boards in my time on the web and I know exactly how you feel at one time I was admin on 2 boards and mod on 3 more ... that lasted almost 6 months before I had to resign from all duties and actually left 2 of the boards for a year .... so I know exactly how you feel .... it is probably the most thankless job in the whole world .... people expect you to be there for them 24/7 and when they have a problem ALL support should rush to their aid .... but that ain't the way it works .... as I said before everyone has a life outside of the various boards and you need time away from dealing with others problems ....


I didn't even know that the guy was from India! He PM'd me to tell me so. I think this was a case of cultural differences, where words in one country have on meaning, but in another country, can come off a different way.

Anyways, sent him a nice message letting him know we have other people on here from India as well, and that he's more then welcome to have fun posting here and all that. I even told him how awesome I think it is that India is really become quite the tech universe over there.

They provide collage to teach the youngsters so that they can enter the tech field and I think that is awesome. When Aravisian listed the members where they been helpful. Well, when he got to me, I guess that means my contributions were not valued. If I am to forever be known as a big mouth that can fit a watermelon.



You seem to be a bit on edge... Usually, you would find that funny.
I think your ssd arriving may not have been a cure, after-all.


Your rtx card is better then my 1070 and all the 470 drivers are stable for me without any issues. Now i wonder if zorin modify those driver packages because the stock nvidia drivers have no issues for me.

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Zoringroup does not make, package or alter the Nvidia drivers.

How is it possible you can install those drivers without the need of a terminal ?

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Can you please phrase the question differently?

If they dont modify it, how can a nvidia.run file be installed ? If i install it manually i have to blacklist things, go into tty etc

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A Nvidia.run file is a self contained installer.

Personally I've never liked proprietary blobs on my system - I prefer the Linux Nouveau drivers for my nVidia card, but then again it is an entry level card, a GT1030. Whenever I tried nVidia drivers in the past I would get poor response in the Web Browser, but I don't use Firefox anymore as it no longer supports ALSA, only the inferior in every way Pulse Audio. I now use FlashPeak Slimjet browser - ultra fast with built in adblocker - which goes to someway of explaining how fast it is.

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Ya, a 1030 is quite a low-end GPU indeed. The way it works with Nvidia is, the higher the number the better when it comes to performance. GTX 1030 is your low-end range. GTX 1050 1060 is your mid-range. And GTX 1070 1080 is your high-end range.

This applies to each generation, so no need to cover the 2000 and 3000 range, all the same applies. Well, there is one exception I suppose. We have 3090's now, but they are not meant for gaming, their for hardcore production machines.

The cost of 3090 cards alone, cost as much as 2-grand computers, while scalpers are selling them for 3-grand, which is the amount I paid for my whole MSI GE76-231 Raider alone lol.


Yes i understand that aravisian, but how does zorin handle it then if they dont modify it ? I really want to know how that works

@StarTreker, the 3090 card is a gaming card. In our country they sell gaming machines with that card and te costs are between 5000 and 6000 dollars :joy:

I am not understanding your thinking here. The self installer installs based on its own script.

Good for you. In our place, its even hard to find ram on sell in local store. They will always offer you that they will upgrade your system or buy new one from them.

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This tech shortage has caused a serious mess in the tech industry. In America, you can't get nothing here, unless you pay out the butt for scalpers prices. I myself, couldn't afford a 5-grand desktop computer, and I certainly wasn't going to buy one at that price.

So I decided to stick with notebooks. Notebooks have their advantages and disadvantages. Lets label a few for fun!

(Notebooks, Vs Desktops)

Notebooks: Advantages

(1) Smaller form factor = instant portability

(2) Light weight, thus easier to carry around

(3) Can be used without a keyboard, mouse, or monitor attached

(4) No need to hunt down parts for initial cost of machine

(5) More efficient on power consumption, less chance of popping breakers, and less on your power bill per year

Notebooks: Disadvantages

(1) More difficult to get inside, 16-screws, spudger tool required

(2) GPU and CPU are integrated and as such, not upgradeable

(3) Batteries are generally not replaceable these days

(4) Greater chance of overheating if inferior coolers were used

(5) If notebook screen dies, good luck getting that replaced

(6) Can cost more for their form factor (depends)

Desktops: Advantages

(1) Generally cost less, except when your in a tech shortage

(2) 2-Thumb screws are generally all that is needed to remove the side cover, providing instant access to components!

(3) Components are easily upgradable, everything can be interchanged out and upgraded as needed

(4) Generally offer higher performance over same class in notebooks

(5) Generally offer better cooling performance, especially when if water cooled

Desktops: Disadvantages

(1) Considerably heavy, especially if case is made of steel

(2) Generally draws a considerable amount of power, heater hot boxes come standard in your home, but good for winter

(3) Requires a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to use

(4) Depending on what model you purchased, you may have to make some initial upgrades right away, weather for gaming, or production use.

If you guys can think of anymore, please by all means add to it. But thats what I got so far.

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