Music Producer gone Zorin

it says ‘Wine-6.0’ tho…

Oh… well then.

6.0 is higher than 5.0… I would think that yabridge should still work.

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lastly, wether or not yabridge works may i tip you $5 via paypal? i know im broke and managing a record label single handedly(support from listeners like you are all iv got) but dude you really came through.

I’ll offer you a counter-offer;
I am building my own webpage currently (It’s part of why I was available long hours right now) where I can upload the icon sets and themes I make for Linux Distros since I Kicked Opendesktop to the curb.

I will have a link on that page to a patreon account. Once the page is built, I’ll let you know and you can take a look. If nothing else, you can share the link with others.

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great lets run with that counter bro

im redoing this im stuck on

getting this

Error: need a single repository as argument

as a return

Have you removed any old Wine repositories first?

which command was that again?

sudo add-apt-repository remove followed by the repo info or... Open "Software & Updates" from the app menu, open the "Other software" tab and then scroll to the repo you want to remove. Click it to select it, then click the "Remove" button on the bottom toolbar.

i dont see it on the list

oh... I see... typo.. heh heh

sudo apt-add-repository ‘deb Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu /bionic main`

sorry i took long to respond,power cut off
when i press enter i just get '>'

i went to winehq and just copied this command
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu bionic main'
and it worked

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@Aravisian i keep getting this at this stage

E: Malformed entry 52 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list (Suite)
E: The list of sources could not be read.

whats happening?

It means that an added repository has a typo error in it.
You can fix this by removing the entry:
In terminal, you can run

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Arrow key Down to the line number 52 and add a # in front of it to Comment It Out. Or, you can remove the line entirely.
Hit ctrl+x to exit, then hit the y key to say 'yes' to save, then hit the enter key to save as current configuration and re-run

sudo apt update

Please say in this thread what the Line Is that has gone wrong in case you need to re-add that repository.

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I am on Zorin 16 Focal... So...
While you are doing that; would you be willing to help this fella out?:

You can Edit > select-all then hit ctrl+alt+c to copy.

Amazing timing. :smiley:

ill sure as ■■■■ try bro

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You don't want Pulse or Jack; you should be using Alsa. check the Reaper Linux forum, you will find there the best discussion by far on doing music with Linux.

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