Zorin OS 16 black screen install - damaged GPU

Slow mo, I'm also in ug, with a 2011 fried gpu, havent tried running zorin but am planning on it, anything for installation I will need to do special because of the gpu issue?

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Well a flash drive, the 'balena etcher' program that makes the zorinOS .iso into a bootable flash drive (recommend you buy Zorin OS 16).

All the above is under the assumption that you were able to bypass/switch off the failed GPU.

If not download 'archlinux' .ISO and I'll give instructions on how to switch off the failed GPU and go onto the MBp's secondary GPU.

I could share the iso's via Dropbox but I do not have enough data to upload and share via dropbox

I can get the isos, could you post the archlinux instructions? I've been trying in zorin grub for a few days

Oh!so you got past the 'nomodeset'? Startup?

When I select boot EFI the next screen gives different install methods, been selecting try install zorin safe graphics and then it does boot to the flash

Do you successfully login to the Zorin flash is?

Yes, but then when I go through installation and remove the flash it wont startup

Did you format the entire disk completely?

Got into the partition table and everything, and clicked all the way through the installer, yeah, then it just went black

What does your MBP screen look like after the chime?

Try this tact by @Aravisian [SOLVED] Black screen after install - #2 by Aravisian

Okay, will try

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Yo,were you ever successful?Zorin is the best choice of operating system

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Getting some help from someone in person, still trying with Zorin

Please correct the title if I got this wrong; I think I recall you had said you have a fried Nvidia GPU in addition to dedicated.
If so - I would remove that GPU before trying to install anything.

I split this topic in order to allow more visibility to your topic as well as a bit more organization.

Can you please repost your general computer specs?

Physically the fried IC can't be removed without high precision soldering tools;diactivating it via softwear(I think editing kexts),denying power to it forcing the MBP to route power to the IntelGpu


I was thinking plug n' play hardware, sorry.

Depending on the M/B, this also has to be done under a microscope a la famed Rossman repair on Youtube.

It is definitely beyond the capability of hobbits.

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Lol!! "Hobbits"

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