Music to my ears 🎵

He plays Classics - I mean things like Bach and Handel, not a Classic rock :wink:

I think we could all be enlightened by Mozart - Canon in D preformed on an electric Guitar.:wink:

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This is the music :musical_note::notes::notes: of my brain.

That is my most favorite more modern based classical music. But yeah, if you listen to the music, pretty much explains how my brain works. It's all over the place.

And now my brain plays Rhapsody in goodnight :milky_way: as I count the sheep :sheep: that fly over my head as I drift to sleep :zzz:

Classical. My fav. Although occassional rock is sometime good.

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For some reason, I love Canon in D too.

It's actually wedding music, I think. :expressionless:

It is. It's used in traditional Western weddings.

I love a lot of modern musicians these days. I love this indie's few pieces, especially, Franz Gordon's "A Heart Made of Yarn".

I played the trumpet for a few years for my elementary school orchestral band, then three years of junior high vocal chorus. I wished I continued music, as I dabbled in piano and guitar for a little bit then stopped as a kid. I don't remember anything in piano and guitar. LOL.

I created a new thread for music since the dicsussion got deviated a lot from keyboard and mouse. :star2:

I like Classical, Opera (I, Pagliaci and of course, everyones favorite Turandot) but I am woefully ignorant and if tested on actual knowledge on the topic would fail miserably.

Mostly, I listen to a lot of Fifties Music and Doo wop, Classical Rock, modern Rock, Grunge, heavy metal, underground metal... depends on my mood, I guess.
If you walk in and I have Hatebreed or Soulfly blasting, the wise person makes a hasty retreat. It probably means I my mood is definitively lethal.

We learned from the best, @FrenchPress. :rofl:


Ii am 35 years old and 10-15 years ago i noticed i like classic music as well. I also like piano music, started to follow a person on youtube who makes alot of great work.

I also like soundtracks from movies :sweat_smile:

My husband's favourite reading was Bach's "Art of Fugue" at the tender age of 12. He reads score as if it is a book. I think he was meant to be a classical musician since his birth.
At the same time, he knows absolutely nothing about Pink FroidPink Floyd, Deep Purple, Red ZeppelinLed Zeppelin, King Crimson, Beatles, etc.

I am a fan of Two Steps From hell.

I only heard of the Beatles. Who are the others? LOL

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The first time i heard from them is when i watched a launch trailer from Mass Effect 2 (one of my favorite games all time). It has great music in the trailer and i wanted to know who it made

Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage

Never played the series before. I should try them whenever I get a gaming laptop or PC, or if there's a promo on PS4/XB1.

It has a great story, even Mass Effect Andromeda is awesome. It's a shame that last game did not get as much love as the original trilogy. Last year it got released on steam and people out of the sudden liked it.

Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin...

Spelling corrected :sweat_smile: