Must do's and suggestions after installing zorin 17 pro

what the title says, for zorin 17 pro (gnome if that is relevant)

Hi, I can't do anything about Pro and are you specifically referring to the Gnome look under Zorin Appearance, or just things in general? I am currently working on the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 17 Core, and that includes (up to now) use of other means to install software, other than the Software 'store', i.e., the Terminal, Synaptic Package Manager, Apper. It will also cover other items such as Stacer, Timeshift - both of which are already covered in the Unofficial Manual of Zorin 15 Core. If you are looking for guidance in relation to the 'pure' Gnome experience, I am not the one to do it, suggest @anon2532484 offer advice on this one!

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I believe this is a continuation of:

( I honestly feel like the title should be: top-x-1-things-to-do-after-installing-zorin-os-17 and not be limited to Pro or Gnome, myself...)


Would also be helpful to know what your particular use case is: consuming media, web browsing, office work, etc.

things to do post-install?

Honestly, just have fun using the system! Play some games, play around in Zorin Appearance a bit, make it your digital home :slight_smile:

Although there is some things that I have recommended for a while now here:

  • Get Bottles from the Software Store.
    Zorin's Windows App Support is great, although it lags more behind with updates and is harder to manage, especially for multiple versions of Wine and other tools
  • Update your system, duh
    Drivers and what not are important so be sure to update :wink:
  • Get Extension Manager from the Software Store
    Not only can you further customize the built-in Zorin extensions using this, but you can also get more from the internet this way

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I mean things in general. I mentioned gnome because to make it clear it's not the lite version

but doesn't fish have some differences, like not running all bash scripts? or is it compatible with bash scripts?

I use ZSH, not Fish - but I am not personally aware of Fish missing that ability...
I tried a search on that but came up empty handed.

I saw someone on youtube comparing bash, zsh and fish and he mentioned that fish is not compatible with bash scripts while zsh is

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As with all newer versions of Gnome, you need Blur My Shell to get rid of the ugly blank borders.

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Yes fish shell is not POSIX compliant
But basic scripts should run just fine


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