Must-have additions to future updates

Hello! I have been using v16 of zorin os pro for a month or 2 now and honestly it s been going quite great! I have a few things I would change, though, for the next releases.

The space for resizing windows in Gnome is insanely tiny. I have only 1 or 2 pixels where the resize pointer appears and when using a touch-pad it gets very very frustrating sometimes.

Also the gnome-software center sometimes gets buggy and gives errors and has to be re-installed. From my understanding it may have something to do with installing apps from snap store.

My last mention is that sometimes when using the windows Start button or even maximizing/minimizing windows, with many other windows/apps open it sometimes gets unreasonably laggy.

My configuration is: i7 8750h/ GTX 1050, using the proprietary, tested video driver.

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May not improve lagginess but I prefer GNU/Linux Nouveau driver over nVidias proprietary driver any day!


We can fix this one right now, if you like.
Create a new text file in the location ~/.congig/gtk-3.0 and name it gtk.css
Paste the following into it:

 .background.csd decoration {
     margin: 10px;

Refresh your desktop:

Or log out and in ...or... reboot to test the change.

Gnome-software... eh...
Recommend using Synaptic Package Manager if you prefer a GUI package manager. It is powerful, informative (Very informative) and versatile.

Is that the 470 proprietary tested?
If so, I recommend @swarfendor437 's advice or... Use the 470 proprietary (NOT tested) or the 510 or up driver.
The 470 proprietary tested version (the one with tested in the name) is known to be Buggy.


Woah, thank you for the fast and in-depth reply!

 .background.csd decoration {
     margin: 10px;

Could I do something so that I could limit this command to apply only to the apps I want? The default gnome apps have no issues resizing, it's just third party apps like Opera which do.

Also thanks for the heads up for Synaptic Pack Manager. I have seen it being recommended on other threads as well so I will give it a try without a doubt.

Right now I'm using nvidia-driver-515, having been encouraged to install it thanks to having "tested" written at the end haha. I am using Zorin for 3d apps like ue4/maya/houdini/blender etc. I thought Nouveau driver might give me some issues when doing heavy tasks like rendering but I shall give that a try as well.

I'm most happy that I have had almost 0 crashes since installing zorin, even after having over a week of uptime and doing heavy tasks for long periods and I want to keep it that way.

AFAIK Opera is a QT app, so you can't apply GTK tweaking to it the same way.

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i'd love to have the new gnome screenshot/screen-recording tool on Zorin

Also if some apps are installed as Snap or Flatpak, it may create this issue.

Yes, I got used to installing apps I don t want updated often from snap store. Opera is also installed from snap, so maybe it has to do something with that?
It s a little weird because Spotify and other apps are also installed from snap and they do not have this issue.

Are there ways to changing the resize bounding box for apps installed from snap store?

Also, getting back to the subject of the post, I would love to see available devices I can connect to directly from the "control panel" next to notifications for bluetooth and wifi, rather than opening settings every time.

P.S.: I see the thread got a little traction and I didn t find this anywhere on the forum, I am curious if anyone got the original whatsapp.exe working through wine. It s basically the only thing left I am still missing from windows, haha

I know whatsapp can be installed directly from gnome store, but the windows exe allows users to use whatsapp without having an active connection on the mobile device.

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